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A Froyalanish Vanic Priestess is a Vanakvinna who officiates in sacred rites and/or performs or presides over rituals and ceremonies of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways in Shireroth in general and Elwynn in particular.


The first Froyalanish Vanic Priestesses arrived in Elwynn Proper when Harald of Froyalan moved there after having been appointed Count of Araxion. In time their presence spread from there - at times slow, at times fast- to all over the Flower of the North. At first following Harald of Froyalan, later on their own motion.


The Vanic Priesthood thrived in Elwynn for many years under the rule of the Harald Entity, permeating many facets of life in Elwynn and indeed Shireroth. Since the banishment of the Harald Entity, the Vanics have been either deported or have renounced their allegiance to the shape shifting demon.

Societal Role and Status

Since times ancient beyond the memory of woman the role of Vanic Priestess has been recognized as a Sacred Calling, for those who wished to serve a Vanic deity, within one of the many Temples which were built in His or Her honour. Vanic Priestesses are held in very high regard in the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers and treated with the utmost of respect.

Becoming a Vanic Priestess

Ever since times ancient beyond the memory of woman there are seven stages in the process of becoming a Vanic Priestess. Each of those stages, except for the seventh and final stage, lasts at least thirteen moon cycles.

The seven stages of Vanic Priestessly Initiation are:

  • Fledgling;
  • Novice;
  • Temple Handmaiden;
  • Sacred Voyage Lady;
  • Priesstess Trainee;
  • Priestess Initiate;
  • Priestess.

The Seven Stages of Vanic Priestessly Initiation

Stage 1: Fledgling

A Fledgeling is a female who enrolls in a temple of a Vanir God or Goddess of whom she should like to become a Priestess. Such Lady must upon joining the aforesaid temple take vows of secrecy. Fledglings are under the direct supervision of a Fledgling Mistress.

The newly Vanic Priestessly Initiate shall in this part of the initiation process serve as a temple attendant. She shall also train in the sacred arts of the Ancient Ways - such as yoiking, dancing, spinning, archery, meditation, yoga, and gardening as well as study recipes, artwork, poetry, songs, prose, prayers, rites, rituals, spells, ways to connect and commune with the Vanir, and practical Divine wisdom put together by countless generations of Vanic Priestesses, all in preparation for her future ordination.

Stage 2: Novice

When the temple leadership is satisfied that a Fledgling has gained sufficient knowledge and skills they may create her a Novice. This occurs in a special ceremony.

Novices may assist Priestesses and more senior Vanic Priestessly Initiates as temple attendants with rites, rituals and ceremonies as well as other duties, tasks and functions. They also keep enriching their knowledge and skills, especially their ways to connect and commune with the Lords and Ladies Divine. Novices are under the direct supervision of a Novice Mistress.

Stage 3: Temple Handmaiden

A Novice who (already) has received the Gift of Fertility and is able to reach the Higher State of Mind may, through a special ceremony, be promoted to Temple Handmaiden in the event that the temple leadership deems such Novice worthy of such rank. A Temple Handmaiden is assigned a (senior) Priestess as a mentor.

As a Temple Handmaiden the Vanic Priestessly Initiate makes her first voyages to Vanaheim - the home world of the Vanic Lords and Ladies Divine - to get acquainted with that Sacred Realm, takes for the first time - under supervision of her mentor - part in sexual rites and rituals, and may also with the guidance of the aforesaid (senior) Priestess preside over rites, rituals and ceremonies.

Stage 4: Sacred Voyage Lady

After having successfully completed the stage of Temple Handmaiden, this once again to be determined by the temple leadership, the Vanic Priestessly Initiate becomes a Sacred Voyage Lady.

A Sacred Voyage Lady is required by Vanic custom ancient beyond the memory of woman to accomplish a seven-year working trip, which is called the Sacred Voyage Lady Years, in which she travels throughout the world from temple to temple and from sacred site to sacred site to gain more knowledge, insight, skills and experience.

The Vanic Priestessly Initiate also pays several visits to Vanaheim to meet, commune and work with, and learn from the Lord or Lady Divine she wants to devote herself to in a much deeper way.

The purpose of a Vanic Priestessly Initiate's travels as a Sacred Voyage Lady is to allow her soul to mature into an appreciation of what it means to truly walk as a Vanic Priestess.

Stage 5: Priestess Trainee

In this stage the Vanic Priestessly Initiate enrolls in a temple of the Vanir God or Goddess she wants to become a Priestess of and also chooses her Priestessly specialization such as scribe, healer, teacher, initiatress, Seiðkona, wisewoman, etc. etc.

As a Priestess Trainee the Vanic Priestessly Initiate makes several more voyages to Vanaheim, may take independently part in sexual rites and rituals, and may also on her own preside over rites, rituals and ceremonies. A Priestess Trainee is assigned a senior Priestess as a mentor-promoter.

Stage 6: Priestess Initiate

This phase of the initiation process culminates in ordination as a Vanic Priestess. The Vanic Priestessly Initiate is, with the assistance of her mentor-promoter, to go through thirteen different Rites of Ordination, all in accordance with the ways and personality of the deity she wishes to devote herself to.

If the aforesaid efforts of the Vanic Priestessly Initiate please the Lord or Lady Divine he or she shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Ancient Covenant, appear to affirm the Vanic Priestessly Initiate as a Priestess of him or hers, exchange the solemn vows of sacred fealthy, and confer the full Priestessly Powers upon his or her devotee.

Stage 7: Priestess

After the affirmation, the exchange of the solemn vows of sacred fealthy, and the conferment of the full Priestessly Powers, the Vanic Priestessly Initiate has become a full-fledged Priestess and shall serve, while walking her own Priestessly Path, the Vanic God or Goddess she has devoted herself to at a temple or as a wandering Priestess.

The Priestessly Path is an incomparable journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution. It opens the portal of one's heart, deepens one's knowing of one's purpose, enables one to come into one's true power, expands one's reality, and promotes one's verisimilitude.

Quotes from the Lore

When you leave this place, you will no longer be a girl, but a woman. And not just any woman. You will be a priestess of Freyja, a mistress of seidhr, a völva. It will be your role to wander the country, moving from one village to the next or receive people that come to you at a temple, conferring the grace of Freyja to our brave people, working her magic and channelling her feminine powers.

From: The Lady

The fire, which had been blazing hours earlier, had now died down to low flames and burning embers. On one side sat an elderly woman, her long white hair lying in elaborate plaits over both shoulders, and her piercing blue eyes steadily fixed upon the small figure sat opposite. This woman was really no more than a girl. Her fair hair was free of the strands of white that would appear perhaps decades from now, and her skin was smooth and clear. Her hazel eyes gazed steadily back as the elder woman spoke to her, explained to her the way of the völur: the spiritual priestesses of the Viking people.

- From: Annals of the Black Cat