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Deimos Jasonides, Employee 1634-004 of the ESB-Jörmungandr Group

Deimos Jasonides (in Elw: Deimoos Jasoonnai), born in Athlon, 22 Fasmas, 1571 & died on (insert date), 1641. In his youth he was a Bovic scholar, but became a senator of Elwynn on his 28th birthday and swiftly built up his political base amongst those inclined to believe his claims of receiving dream visions from the then recently deceased Elijah Ayreon-Kalirion (Ayreon II). Standing on an Ayreonist platform he subsequently became the Fortieth Ruler & Eighth Prince of the Elwynnese Union who ruled between the years 1601 and 1604 on the eve of the advent of the Coordinated State of Elwynn.

In spite of being overthrown by Conducator Royston Merrick, Deimos survived the transition to the Coordinated State and served in the Council of Eliria as part of the Triumvirate of the Glorious Revolution for Conducator Daniel Simrani-Kalirion under Prince Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion and then in the Triumvirate for the Consolidation of the Glorious Revolution under Steward Tokaray al-Osman after the tragically temporary demise of Nathaniel saw Daniel Simrani-Kalirion elevated to the Principate. During this period (1606 to 1612) Deimos held the position of Councillor, Warden of Elwynn Proper, Chancellor of the People's Academy of Elwynn & Senator and Keeper of Rikarðsstaðr. Amongst his more dubious official duties as Warden of the North was the responsibility for maintaining a regular supply of Cimmerian spices to a renegade dystopian cult on the Tundrok whose unethical cybernetic experiments on unwilling human subjects were being overlooked by the Coordinated State in return the construction of a 'Grav-Rig' (an anti-gravity levitation device) known as the Pillar of the Fallen. In this endeavour he was however singularly unsuccessful, resulting in a devastating full-blown rebellion which saw the destruction of all life on the island of Tundrok and the decimation of the Union Defence Force. The failure of the Warden to maintain peace in the Cimmerian Isles was believed to be one of the contributing factors to the Communist takeover in 1613.

Deimos was exiled from Elwynn after the Communist Revolution in Elwynn and subsequently found employment as the Prime Minister of the State of Talenore until the downfall of that island nation. He also served as the Metrobosarch of Tapfer until he lost that position on account of his repudiation of the Bovic Faith, an apostasy that earned him a special mention in the Third Storish Epistle, which forms the final chapter of the Book of Doctrines.

As of 1634 he served the ESB-Jörmungandr Group as Secretary to the Board of Directors, amongst other miscellaneous duties.

In early 1639 he was ordered to leave his duties in Teldrin and attend to organising the expedition of Thorgils Tarjeisson to the Vale of Angularis. This would prove to be the single biggest organisational challenge that he had faced to date.

In 1640 he was conscripted into the Imperial Navy, an indignity off-set by being suddenly and unexpectedly in receipt of an admirals wage. That same year he was promoted to the ESB Board of Directors as director of Financial and Outsourcing Services following the death of Ernst Cryptsinger. Rumours that he has merely become Thorgils Tarjeisson's place man were continually refuted by his indefatigable work rate.

Reported as being of Tapferite ancestry, Deimos managed to avoid the usual accusations of degeneracy that dogged his ethnic kin. He attributed his longevity to clean living and regular blood transfusions. This however was not enough to save him when, in 1641, he was caught in a contrived rebel suicide attack[1] on the cruiser ZNS Kaiser Agni I as it laid at anchor in the supposedly well-defended harbour of MoMA Station Sabatini. Thorgils Tarjeisson, Deimos' employer twice over as Chairman of the ESB and MoMA of the Ministry of Military Affairs, spared no expense in hiring necromancers in an attempt to resurrect his formerly indispensable factotum; some say it was in order to punish his negligence in leaving a crucial naval base unsecured, others maintain that it was in order to torture from him the details of the secret accounts into which the Secretary had been siphoning misappropriated revenues that rightfully belonged to the ESB group. Both accounts are correct but the attempt was unsuccessful and the bodily remains of Admiral Jasonides were released in preparation of a state funeral, to be held in Shirekeep during the year 1642 AN.

Preceded by:
Soreaa Isurui as Secretary
Prince of Elwynn
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