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Icebear Rebellion
Date: Main Rebellion: 1609-1610 Cimmerian Conflict: 1609-1612 (Elw Calendar)
Place: Elwynn, Shirekeep
Casus belli: Declaration of a Theocracy by the Holy Church of the Divine Icebear.
Outcome: Coordinated State victory, ban on the Icebearian religion.
Holy Church of the Divine Icebear Holy Church of the Divine Icebear
Fieldburg Bailiwick of Fieldburg
Shireroth Imperial Government
Coordinated State of ElwynnCoordinated State of Elwynn
Goldshire Duchy of Goldshire
Holy Church of the Divine Icebear Jaqen X'halar
Holy Church of the Divine Icebear Tom Cruise
Fieldburg Jack Lewis
Shireroth Laqi Hyrrion
Coordinated State of Elwynn Daniel Simrani-Kalirion
Coordinated State of Elwynn Tokaray al-Osman
Goldshire Ryabin Merkayastreb
Around 15,000 active militia members 48,000
100+ dead, several hundred captured 120 dead
Strength and casualties of both sides are estimates

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Featured Article (Ifnin 2016)

Propaganda poster by the Elwynnese Workers' Party celebrating the Red Orchid Revolution.

The Communist Revolution in Elwynn, also known as the Red Orchid Revolution, marked a moment of abrupt rupture in Elwynnese History when the office of Prince, which had endured since the days of Elwynnese Independence was overthrown in a palace coup orchestrated by Aasmund Vigeland. As Vigeland was already Steward of Elwynn this represents one of the more notable instances in Elwynnese history of a self-coup in which Vigeland, despite having come to power through legal means, dissolved the Senate and unlawfully assumed extraordinary powers, not granted under normal circumstances. Other measures taken included annulling the nation's constitution and suspending the rule of law.

After disposing of the nominal Prince, Daniel Simrani-Kalirion, Vigeland declared his affiliation to the EWP and took on the title of Chairman of the Presidium of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn. In so doing he became the Forty-Eighth Ruler of Elwynn.

Chairman Vigeland was eventually deposed in a counter-revolution led by the insane Tokaray al-Osman, who declined to revive the Coordinated State and thus left the way clear for a Kalirion restoration under Prince Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion and his Steward Hallbjörn Haraldsson, the consequences of which are still with us today.

States & Government

Kingdom of Lichbrook
The Kaiser
Duchy of Yardistan
Grand Duchy of Goldshire
Elwynnese Union

Culture and History

History of Elwynn