Kaiser Alejian I

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Progenitor: Nicholas I

The name taken by Greg Russell as Kaiser of Shireroth from early May to late July 2005.

Kaiser Alejian succeeded Kaiser Ari i under unusual circumstances. The Kaiser had left the nation for a period and appointed Scott Alexander as Steward. After about a week, Ari announced that he was leaving the throne for good, and asked Alexander to pick his successor. Despite some misgivings about having to perform the task at all, the Steward listened to Shireroth's citizens, especially Erik Mortis, and chose Alejian.

Alejian's reign was marked by a growing awareness of the threat that the Grand Commonwealth posed to Shirerithian power. Alejian's Minister of the Exterior worked out a possible alliance, SPEAR, between Shireroth, Natopia, Antica, and Attera to resist the Commonwealth's expansion. However, the Kaiser and citizenry were generally unaware of the negotiations and felt the Minister had exceeded his authority. The Kaiser finally responded to the issue by declaring the Alejian Doctrine, stating that Shireroth would be neutral between the SPEAR and the Grand Commonwealth. A potentially unintended consequence of this doctrine was the dissolution of the Mango-Camel Pact of alliance between Shireroth and Babkha.

Alejian had the bad fortune to be Kaiser during the summer slump, and saw activity reach unfortunate lows. He ended his reign by asking potential claimants to the throne to submit their ideas to him for judgment, a practice which during his time was revolutionary but has since become standard. After reviewing them, he chose Scott Alexander to succeed him as Kaiser Los III.

After his abdication, Shirerithians awarded him the title of "The Guardian" for helping the nation through difficult times.

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 175, Imperial Decree 176, Imperial Decree 177, Imperial Decree 178, Imperial Decree 179, Imperial Decree 180, Imperial Decree 181, Imperial Decree 182

Preceded by:
Ari i
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
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Emblem of Kaiser Alejian I

The Avatar from Hell