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The Skiron Pact for Economic and Armed Reinforcement, or SPEAR, was an attempt planned in around 2005 to create an alliance to counteract the newly-formed and aggressive Grand Commonwealth.

Scott Alexander, Shireroth's Minister of the Exterior at the time, organized a meeting with Antica, Natopia and Attera, the three other powers most interested in stopping Commonwealth expansion. He got Kaiser Alejian I's general agreement on the concept of the meeting, but did not keep the Kaiser up to date on the progress of the negotiations.

When the negotiations were finished, Antica prematurely announced that the Pact was finalized and Shireroth was a member. This was false, as Shireroth's Kaiser and Landsraad had not yet even heard the details of the Pact. The Kaiser and Landsraad grew angry and believed Scott had signed them up for something without their consent.

The issue was eventually settled; however, many Shirerithians remained upset and the Kaiser decided not to join SPEAR, instead promoting the Alejian Doctrine of neutrality.

SPEAR took effect as a pact between Attera, Antica, and Natopia, but was never very active or successful, partly because the threat from the Grand Commonwealth declined shortly after it was started and partly because of the MCS/GSO split.