Imperial Decree 175

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Made by Kaiser Alejian I

Imperial Decree #175: Coronation Speech and Appointments

My dearest Shirerithians,

I have been chosen to lead the nation during this difficult time, and for this honor I thank each and every one of you that vouched for me. To be honest i'm not quite sure WHY people vouched for me, but i'm not complaining. I was a little shocked that I was chosen, considering the current status of the nation, and my status as a "virgin kaiser...", and as such I have come to the conclusion that I need an experianced Council of advisors. I need councilers that best represent the nation as a whole, therefore with the greatest respect and thank you's for your service, you are hereby dismissed from your positions. Again, thank you! So now to this end I will now appoint new advisors. I know not who the current advisors are, so if you are allready in this position than ignore this section. :kaiser

1) Baronial-Steward Gyrphon Avocatio of Straylight. He best represents, in my mind, the traditionalist of this nation.

2) To counterbalance the former advisor, and to represent the interests of the progressive movement, I have chosen Harvey the Blue of Shirekeep. He best represents, in my mind, the balance of passion and logic that is needed to "objectively" represent something without it degrading into a fight.

3) My final advisor is someone who I find to be a balance of new ideas and old. Someone with immense experience at logical logic-ness of a logical sort. And for this, I have chosen Duke Scott Alexander of Hyperborea.

Of course, you may refuse these appointments if you wish, but I will be severely "dissapointed". :smashy

I would also like to appoint a steward of Shireroth immediately. It's highly unorthadox I know, and dont worry, im not going anywhere. I simply need someone with experiance to pick up my slack, and I can think of no one better than the eternal kaiser Shyriath Bukulos.

Next on the agenda, are some previous titles I can hold, but feel should be freed up for anyone who wants them (with exceptions).

My first title as Duke of Yardistan, I feel, has come to a glorious end. I leave her in the capable hands of Baron osmose of Amity and Mirioth. I will, for the time being, be moving to Brookshire. Specificly Muab'dib. My reasoning will be explained below. Good luck DUKE Osmose, and may the gods grant you a good reign.

My next position is the MoMA-ship. I will post a seperate thread in the General Discussion forum to see who is interested in this position. Good luck to whoever gets it!

For now, those are all the appointments and shuffling I will do. So for the remainder of this speech I will attempt to outline what my initial fears and hopes are, as well as any ideas or future actions I might take.

Let it be known, Ministers, Dukes, and barons, that sooner or later I will conducting a review and conducting and "Oustfest" of sorts. I dont feel I really need to, but I feel it would be best if I started a precedent of each new Kaiser reveiwing the board (in fact, I proly wont even oust anyone). I would also like to see a fully updated website with a page for each ministry and duchy. Duke Osmose, this task falls to you, and will not be easy. I am counting on you!

This will undoubtably be the most controversial of my ideas, but I wish to see warmer relations with our good friends at the MCS, and with our ever faithfull allies, Babkha. Some citizens have recently (and terribly vocally) made known their extreme disdain for both. Let it be known this is *not* the official position of the government. When that changes we will let you know, trust me (:p ). As for the citizens of which I speak of, PLEASE don't misconstrue this as "picking on you" or belitting an effort you obviously believe is worth everything. I simply wish *ahem* to see calmer debates, and less mud-slinging. Of all the people in micronationalism, I can safely say I am one of the most pathologically addicted to this hobby (as Duke Alexander stated so eloquently), so don't think I don't know what it is like to be attached to something. PLEASE keep in mind though, that this is only a hobby we use as an escape from the crushing burden of reality. Take up your cause with respect and give them their due dignity, and i'm quite certain they will be much more likely to listen to your concerns and act on them.

This is one of my fears, that Shireroth will alienate itself from the world. This cannot happen! I know Shirerothians for the most part have no dealing with anyone else on Micras, and that's fine (though I would like to see more people become involved internationally, including myself). The government though, cannot be allowed to slip blinders onto itself.

Finally, my greatest fear though, is the loss of our coherency. For five years we have stood as one nation, under a kaiser, working for the greater good and glory of our nation. What has kept us around? Not culture (though that is very important) nor the political simulation of an imperial republic (thought that is also very important). What has kept us around so long has been the comradery we have here. The bonds we make and the friendships that form. The self-sacrifice of ones time to let another indulge in their fantasy. We must not get so caught up in our own cultures that we forget there is much we can do in the existing cultures. This is one of the reasons "I" am moving to Muab'dib (this is taking a bit of role-playing liberty, but I will be officially moving to Muab'dib, but using a different persona, much in the vein of Shyriath). We must tighten our bonds of frienship, and never let this noble light extinguish! I want to see Shireroth on it's 10th anniversary. Or perhaps even it's 20th?! Who knows what we can do with this great place if we stick together and allways remember that any problems we have can be solved with love, and not with bitter arguements or the fueds of the past. I am calling on all Shirerothians to forget past feuds, and start anew. I want to see a new golden age of Shireroth, where our activity cannot be matched by any nation, and where our love for each other is so great that no one can tear us apart.

Carry on Shireroth, and never give up!