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ShireCon is a portmanteau of Shireroth Convention. As the name suggests, this is an event where multiple Shirerothians attempt to gather together in the real world in order to share in a more direct cultural experience. Although there have been several small meetings of a few Shirerithians, the government made two full-scale attempts to gather as many Citizens as possible.

ShireCon '03

ShireCon '03 took place from May 23 - 31 in Sonoma, California, and was attended by Erik Mortis, James Raine, Jessica Doran, Stone Jackabar, Eros Darkstar, Eriana Moon, Scott Alexander, and Harvey Steffke. It centered around Stone's room, and was more dedicated to having fun and hanging out than to any particular government business. Jessica Doran and Harvey Steffke became an item at the convention, known thereafter as "Jarvey".

The most lasting impact of ShireCon '03 was probably to furnish a lot of excellent pictures for the website and to build a stronger feeling of community among the Shirerithians attending.

ShireCon '04

The second full ShireCon took place from September 9 - 13 at Sonoma and was attended by Erik Mortis, Gryphon Avocatio, James Raine, Alexandra Decens, Jessica Doran, Eros Darkstar, Eriana Moon, Joseph Strong, Renee Alyssa, and Scott Alexander. One of the highlights was an offline meeting of the Landsraad. While interesting in concept, the meeting quickly deteriorated and provoked bad feelings all around. Its most significant resolution, a bill banning abstains from Landsraad votes, was later overturned and generally agreed to have been a horrible idea. An unrelated argument between Eriana Moon and some of the other Shirerithians prevented her from participating fully, also marring the festivities.

The convention was also supposed to include a formal transfer of power from Kaiser Los II to Kaiser Raynor XI, but no one was really up to it and there ended up being an informal transfer of power instead.

Other Meetings

Shireroth also held an unofficial convention along with its then-ally Babkha in Dublin, Ireland during April 2005. Shirerithians Scott Alexander, Eoin Dornan, Iain de Vembria, and Ric Lyon attended, as well as Babkhans Ardashir Khan and Darius Rugahi. Along with sampling fine Irish spirits, the convention-goers attended a party for Shireroth's fifth birthday, and explored the mysterious yet compelling Dimensional Transfunctioner.

There is talk of holding a ShireCon on the East Coast this year

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