Iain de Vembria

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Imperial and Royal House of Waffel-Paine
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Emperor of the Natopians: Nathan, Nathaniel, Naian, Asara, Zakyyr
Kaiser of Shireroth: Ayreon II, Noor, Ayreon IV
Ruler of Elwynn: Nathan, Erion, Elijah, Nathaniel
Queen of Goldshire: Noor

Founder: Nathan

Avatar: Nathan II

Sir Iain de Vembria, Lord Erion of Waffel-Paine, born c. 1410 in Apollonia, is one of the oldest people alive on Micras. His career started in Treesia, and moved on to Natopia and Elwynn. President of Elwynn (1570-1573), and co-Ruler of provisional government of the Union of Elwynn and Hurmu (1573-1574), and Senator of Elwynn (1574-1600). Following Elwynnese reunion with Shireroth, he left politics in Elwynn and joined the Natopian government. Former Chancellor of Natopia. Holds the following titles of nobility: Prince of Natopia, Prince of Arboria, Duke of the Punkrock Isles, Count of Nerklaa, Count of Augustus, Lord am Baat, Baron Mirkdale. Chancellor of the People's Academy of Elwynn.


One of the justifications offered by Aurangzeb for bombing the Elwynnese Congress was that he thought Lord Erion might be inside. Although sympathetic, the judges at his trial were obliged to affirm that this did not constitute a valid defence under law.

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Preceded by:
Daniel Kalirion
President of the Elwynnese Realm
Succeeded by:
Daniel Kalirion and Lord Erion as Provisional Government
Preceded by:
Lord Erion as President of Elwynn and Daniel Kalirion as Prince of Hurmu
Co-Ruler of the Provisional Government with Daniel Kalirion
Succeeded by:
Daniel Kalirion as Prince
Preceded by:
Christo Eucalyptos
Chancellor of Natopia
Succeeded by:
Noor bint Daniyal as Acting Chancellor