Landsraad Statuary Hall

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The Landsraad Statuary Hall just before its official opening.

The Landsraad Statuary Hall is a chamber in the Palace of Zirandorthel which is devoted to sculptures of prominent Shirerithians. There are thirty-two of such statues to be found within the Landsraad Statuary Hall: twelve of Kaisers and twenty of individuals which have been put forward by the Imperial States. Each Imperial State may choose four such individuals.

Statues of Kaisers

Statues of Individuals Chosen by the Imperial States






Controversies and Alterations

Several of the initial picks for individual represented in the Hall were controversial from the start, due to the devisive rule of the Froyalanish Kaisers. In 1663 an underground group from Shirekeep, known as the Brotherhood of the Shadow-Sun entered the Hall at night. They replaced the statue of Kaiser Hjalmar with one of Verion I, allegedly in honour of the anti-Froyalanish stance of the Verion family. Rumours that the Verionist Union made a financial contribution to the Brotherhood were denied by all parties involved. Aside from the statue of Hjalmar, the statue of Gudrun Eriksdotter was also destroyed and replaced by a crude depiction of Elwynnese folk hero Ken Li. Newly appointed Prefect, Titus Morvayne refused to formally investigate the break in, and called the alteration "something that was bound to happen, sooner or later".

On the following week (33.XV.1663) the statue of Mors V was swapped out for marble bust depicting the Kaiser Dominus on the occasion of four Modani heroes being installed into their allotted portion of the hall of statuary.