Elwynns Konungurs Skuggsjá

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The Monarchy of Elwynn
A symbolic representation of Elwynns Fyrstes Skuggsjá.

Elwynns Konungurs Skuggsjá means "Mirror of the King of Elwynn" in the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish languages. It is an Elwynnese educational text from around 1623 and an example of speculum literature that deals with politics and morality.

Orginal Title

Prior to the year 1629, when the Elwynnese Union was elevated from a principality to a kingdom, the book was known as Elwynns Fyrstes Skuggsjá, which means "Mirror of the Prince of Elwynn" in the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish languages.


The text of this educutional book was - with the gracious advise and assistance of the Prince Jonathan - adapted from the age-told text from the Days of Valtia which is known as "Jarls Skuggsjá" by the Lady Lolle Jonsdóttir of the House of Fjaðurstafur, who many mooncycles ago also wrote a Storish adaption of the aforesaid ancient Valtian text which is known as "Stormarks Yfirkonungur Skuggsjá".


Elwynns Konungurs Skuggsjá was originally intended for the education of King Thorstein Thorstein Noah Hallbjörns- og Esthersson of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja, the King of the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers, but has quickly become very popular in wider Elwynnese society, resulting in a bestseller beyond belief. It has the form of a dialogue between him and his parents, the Storjarl Hallbjörn and the Lady Esther. The son asks, and is advised by his folks.

Like father, like son, Elwynns Konungurs Skuggsjá is nowadays being used for the education of Prince Vilhjálm Daniel Gudrödar Noahs- og Noorsson of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja, Prince of Amokolia and heir apparent to the White Orchid Throne.

Failure to own a copy of the Elwynns Konungurs Skuggsjá was deemed politically suspect during the era of the Daemonic Vanic State, with critics of the book running the risk of being labelled traitors. This in no small measure explained the "popularity" of the book along with its being put in a place of reverence in the library of every educational facility within the Elwynnese Union.

Following the Auspicious Occasion so many copies of the book were torn up or burnt that 1st Editions of the Elwynns Konungurs Skuggsjá have become somewhat valuable collectors items, rather like the Foibles of the Unbelievers.


The text deals with about practical and moral matters concerning trade, the hirð, patronage, charity, chivalric behavior, strategy and tactics, justice, princely way of life, religion and customs of worship, and relations between the various population groups.