Elwynns Konungurs Hirð

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The Monarchy of Elwynn
A Lady Servant preparing the dinner table in the Lady Esther Dining Room of the Palace of Krull. Later she would be obliged to disrobe, don a blonde wig, and service the guests in the guise of being the Divine Lady Elwynn herself.

Elwynns Konungurs Hirð, also known as the Royal Household and Heritage of the White Orchid Throne, was the Household and Retinue of the King of the Flower of the North. It operated in support and for the glory of the King of the Elwynnese Union as well as the other members of the Royal Family of Elwynn. The Hirð was considered to be among the foremost masters of opulence and extravaganza of the planet.


Elwynns Konungurs Hirð was founded in 1624 AN by the decree of the Steward of Elwynn, the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja as Elwynns Fyrstes Hirð. When the Elwynnese Kingship was insituted in 1629 by the decree, issued with the consent of the Council of Eliria, of the aforesaid governing Steward of Elwynn, elevating Elwynn from a Principality to a Kingdom, the Hirð received its present name.

Although not officialy proscribed, it collapsed as an organisation following the wave of expulsions and arrests that came in the wake of the Auspicious Occasion and the Partition of Elwynn in 1651.

Governing Texts

Ostensibly subject to the authority of the Supreme Governor of a Hirð under ancient Viking law and custom, as well as the provisions of Royal Law, the Hirð was governed by a series of obscure books of alleged antiquity:

  • Black Book of the Household of the King of Anglethyr;
  • Black Book of the Exchequer of Thydtwinnster;
  • Lady Anne-Marie's Treatise on the Sovereign Household;
  • Les Coutumes du Maison du Duc de Normandie;
  • Statutes of Eltham;
  • Traité des Droits du Roi d'Ibelin;
  • Valtians Hirðskrá.

There were also a number of spurious customs and traditions that allegedly derived their legitimacy from the same impenetrable texts.