Partition of Elwynn

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The Partition of Elwynn can refer to:

  1. The First Partition of Elwynn in 1652 after the Auspicious Occasion, which deprived Elwynn of Batavia, Amokolia and Wintergleam;
  2. The Second Partition of Elwynn in 1665, as a consequence of the Elwynnese Civil War, which saw Alalehzamin, Araxion, Eliria, Raikoth and Utasia placed under direct Imperial rule, whilst Agnesia, Cape Farewell, Cimmeria and Illumination, and Iserdia, were ceded to the Holy Realm of the Great North.

May also refer to the de facto partition of Elwynn into Eastern (Feudal) and Western (Separatist) states during the era of Elwynnese independence.