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The Imperial Republic of Shireroth
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Early History of Shireroth
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The Imperial seal, used for decrees.

The Kaiser is the monarch of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. Historically this position has been more autocratic, but with successive constitutional reforms zie has become more akin to a constitutional monarch, in fact not dissimilar to the role of the President of the United States of America. Zir roles are primarily externally-facing - the Imperial government, which zie leads, having responsibility for foreign affairs and military matters - and therefore zie often assumes the role of representative of Shireroth abroad, as well as being a symbol of imperial unity, culture and history.


The Constitutional Position of the Kaiser

Historically, the powers granted the Kaiser were limitless. Zie was the fons honorum, granting all titles and holding all lands, granting them feudally in fief. It was only later after some Kaisers wielded their powers too rashly, and some contributors to Shireroth's lands became fearful of the cultural heritage of their territories being protected, that the current constitutional settlement was reached.

The Kaiser is granted powers by the Imperial Charter and the the Gods; both also restrict zir actions. The Kaiser traditionally administers, legislates and appoints people to certain offices via Imperial Decree.


Being an important position, to some extent in terms of legal power but mostly in terms of prestige, respect and authority to lead the Imperial Republic, succeeding to the Golden Mango Throne is very competitive.

In the old days, Imperial Decrees laid down a Line of Succession of specific individuals - friends, allies, people in whose hands he could trust Shireroth. Later this evolved to be just one individual - their chosen successor - and for many years this was a position reserved for the Steward. In contemporary Shireroth, Stewards tend to be appointed on an ad-hoc basis, and successors are usually named some time before the death or abdication of the reigning Kaiser. However, this is not always the case. For example, when Mira Raynora Minor abdicated without an heir, the resulting Cabbage Crisis saw Octavius raised to the Kaisership by Landsraad election as Kaiser Aiomide.


Kaisers generally reign for three months at most. This brings constant change to the government, and is justified in fantasy terms by the fact that three real-world months corresponds to over 90 ASC years on Micras.

Upon taking the throne, new Kaisers choose royal names. These names can be of either Shirerothian mythological figures (usually from Cedrism) or of some other interest of the Kaiser. For instance, the name of Kaiser Yarad I means "metal", whereas some others, such as Kaiseress Jadie I and Kaiseress Carol I, choose not to use a different regnal name.

It is an important custom that all Kaisers are descended from the first Kaiser, the unifier of Shireroth, Raynor I. Therefore each Kaiser associates zirself with one of the Imperial Bloodlines.


A short-lived tradition started by Mors IV saw Kaisers attaching an additional epithet to their name after their reign, based on what they believed was the most significant contribution in their reign. The epithets and their significances are as follows:

Kaiser Mors IV "Nerrolar" 
"Arbiter" in Benacian language, for his work in keeping the Lorelei Conflict from boiling over.
Kaiser Ari i "Kaukainen" 
"Distant" in Finnish, for not really doing anything significant and being absent a lot of the time.
Kaiser Alejian I "The Guardian" 
For guiding the nation through difficult times with the threat of the Grand Commonwealth and SPEAR.
Kaiser Los III "Radarai" 
"The Scribe" in Hyperborean, for the creation of ShireWiki.
Kaiser Mahamantot I "the Lawbreaker"
Known as a lawbreaker for taking the Throne from Letifer III. Recognised by Mors V as official Kaiser and thanked for his attempts to revive Shireroth (even if it meant breaking existing laws).
Kaiser Leto III "the Bold" 
for his doubtful reign.

A later move saw other Shirerithians give past Kaisers epithets based on any significant events or characteristics of their reign. These are not official. It has been suggested that Kaisers should formally open the Landsraad, and during that first opening the previous Kaiser should be given an epithet, but this has never happened.

Less Recent Kaisers

Kaiser Yarad I "the Atomist" 
Ushering in New Feudalism, this Kaiser reduced the state to its smallest components.
Kaiseress Semisa I "the Resurrector" 
As well as being named after the Cedrist Goddess of resurrection, her reign saw an explosion in Landsraad activity. Also she wanted to be remembered as such.
Kaiser Letifer II "the Indisposed" 
For he was.
Kaiser Alejian II "the Protector" 
Brother-epithet to the previous Alejian, this Kaiser was a preserver rather than a reformer.
Kaiser Meskan II "the Soloralist" 
This great reforming Kaiser was taken of a strange Eastern-Apollonian religion.
Kaiseress Carol I "the Maternal" 
For she was mom, and led Shireroth during one of its longest and darkest periods of inactivity.
Kaiser Letifer III "the Unprepared" 
Named for the inactivity of his later reign.
Kaiser Mahamantot I "the Semi-Unofficially Official" 
One of the greatest Anti-Kaisers of our history, and the only one included on the List of Kaisers.

Recent Kaisers

Kaiser Fish XII "the Bastionator" 
The Kaiser who saw Shireroth move its forums from its own hosting to the Bastion Union forums.
Kaiseress Rei I "the Blue" 
Our first Kaiser of Safirian ethnicity.
Kaiser Cedris I "the Almost-Ousted" 
... for that he was (almost).
Kaiser Aurangzeb "the Remarkably Surprised to Have Survived Long Enough to Abdicate" 
The nation was surprised as much as he was.
Kaiser Wythe I "the Educator" 
He reestablished the University.
Kaiser Yardistanislaus I "the Ambassador" 
He took an interest in foreign affairs.
Kaiser Ometeotl II "the Apathetic" 
This Kaiser didn't care much.
Kaiseress Mira Raynora Major "the Constitutionalist" 
Under the first Mira Raynora Major, the latest Charter was passed, ushering in a new epoch of Shirerithian history.

Past Kaisers

Many citizens have had the honour of being Kaiser. They are listed below:

The royal names of the Kaisers, with the dates of their reigns (in ASC) and the line from which they descend, can be found in the List of Kaisers. The First and Second Eras are fictional history whereas the Third Era and beyond are real.

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