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The Imperial Forces
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Active: 1598.4961 AN.ASC (Passage of the Martial Code)
Motto: en toútōi níka ("in this, conquer")
In use by: Ministry of Military Affairs
Allegiance: Shireroth

Type: Combined Arms
Service Branches
Size: 2,959,903 personnel
Nickname: None yet
Current Commander: Minister ESB-Jörmungandr Group

Conflicts & Deployments

The Imperial Forces comprise of three combat arms; the Imperial Army, the Imperial Navy of Shireroth (INS) and the Imperial Shirerithian Air Forces (ISAF), which are both organised in accordance with the Martial Code of Shireroth as well as the Shirerithian Supplies Service which provide combat support services including logistical support, whilst, in many instances, serving as a reserve of paramilitary militia.

It does not encompass the armed forces of the Imperial States, only those under command of the MoMA.


The Imperial Forces are established as the sole body of forces that may use force in the name of the Imperial Government for the defence of the Imperial Dominions and of the wider Imperial Republic in times of war.

Only the Imperial Government may authorise the use of military force in support of its international treaty obligations, subject to the oversight of the Landsraad and the rule of law. The Imperial States have responsibility for their own territorial defence during peacetime and the Imperial Forces may only establish garrisons or deploy forces within the territory of the Imperial States through the prior approval of the governments of the Imperial States affected.

The Kaiser is Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Forces and delegates operational and administrative control of the Imperial Forces to the Minister of Military Affairs who is the primary advisor to the Kaiser on all military matters and is supreme operational commander of the Imperial Forces.

The Minister of Military Affairs exercises the Kaiser's rights of patronage in regards to the commissioning of officers into the Imperial Forces.

The Ministry of Military Affairs, subordinate to the Minister of Military Affairs and the Kaiser, regulates the Imperial Forces.

For the coordination of the defence of the Dominions and States of the Imperial Republic there is established the Imperial Shirerithian Defence Council, comprising of the Kaiser, the Minister of Military Affairs and the heads of the Imperial States.

The ISDC is a moribund institution and its functions are performed either within the Imperial Advisory Council or bilaterally between the Minister of Military Affairs and the heads of the Imperial States.

In accordance with the Martial Code of Shireroth, the Imperial Forces, charged with the defence of the Imperial Republic from enemies both foreign and domestic, comprises of four service branches. These being:

1) The Imperial Army
2) The Imperial Navy of Shireroth
3) The Imperial Shirerithian Air Forces
4) The Shirerithian Supplies Service

The purpose of the Imperial Army is to conduct both defensive and offensive operations in pursuit of the territorial defence of the Imperial Republic and the enforcement of the policy objectives of the Kaiser and the Imperial Government.

The Imperial Army has a nominal establishment of 600,000 personnel under arms. Recruitment into the Imperial Army is open to biological humans of any nationality. Only Shirerithian citizens may be commissioned as officers in the Imperial Army.

The Imperial Army is organised into three armies, of three corps apiece, organised into a single Land Command, and an independent corps, the Palatini Corps charged with the defence of the capital. The total manpower establishment amounts to five hundred regiments grouped into one hundred legions. Legions are combined arms formations of an equivalent to a brigade. There is considerable flexibility in the organisational structure with regiments being detached from their parent legions to either reinforce another legion or to conduct independent operations. A legion of five regiments will have at least two core regiments that pertain to its mission function as well as any additional squadrons or troops required to perform operationally. A legion on operations will typically be reinforced by additional auxiliaries subject to its particular circumstances and objectives, in which case it therefore becomes the beating heart of a battle group, known as a 'vexillatio'.

The Imperial Army is under the command of the Magister Primum who has direct command of the Palatini Corps which, as noted, has sole responsibility for the defence of the capital Shirekeep.

The Magister Primum is supported by a general staff comprised of the commanding magisters of the armies and their retinues, known as the Collegium Magistri Militum, which also serves as the single-service management committee for the Imperial Army.

The Palatini Corps comprises of four Scholae Legions, charged with the defence of the Kaiser, Raynor's Keep and the City. These are the:

1) Scholae Excubitores (Order of Sentinels), for the defence of the Kaiser;
2) Scholae Crypteia, for the defence of the Imperial Household;
3) Scholae Palatinae, for the defence of the Steward;
4) Scholae Kampioenae, for the defence of the City.

The Palatini Corps itself has a nominal strength of 24,000 men.

Under the Land Command, the four armies are:

1) The Field Army (Exercitus Comitatenses)
2) The Frontier Army (Exercitus Limitanei)
3) The Riverine (Exercitus Ripenses)
4) The Reserve Army

An Army contains 144,000 personnel in three corps and is commanded by a Magister Equitum.

The Field Army, known as the comitatenses, is an air-mobile armoured striking force, intended for long-range and expeditionary warfare.

The Field Army's three corps are:

1) I Corps, garrisoned in the counties of Elsenar, Lunaris and Ran in the Kingdom of Goldshire
2) II Corps, garrisoned in the county of Suthergold in the Kingdom of Goldshire
3) IX Corps, garrisoned in the counties of Holwinn and Syrelwynn, Goldshire

The Frontier Army is primarily intended to provide garrisons either for the defence of vulnerable sectors against incursions by hostile forces or for counter-insurgency operations in the Imperial Dominions, or in Imperial States when and if invited by the heads of the Imperial States. Whilst less mobile than the Field Army, the Frontier Army is still strongly armoured and well equipped with artillery.

The three corps of the Frontier Army are: 1) III Corps, garrisoned in Mishalan
2) IV Corps, garrisoned in Dietsland, Puritania and Voltrue
3) VI Corps, garrisoned on the islands of Amity and Yardistan

The Riverine Army, garrisoned in Brookshire is responsible for the defence of the River Elwynn and the approaches to Shirekeep.

The three corps of the Riverine Army are:

1) V Corps (Classis Rubrum), garrisoned in Monty Crisco
2) VII Corps (Classis Albrum), garrisoned in Kralizec
3) VIII Corps (Classis Puteulanum), garrisoned in Musica

The Army of Arboria was raised as a Reserve Army in the wake of the Civil War in Goldshire. After the War of Jingdaoese Immolation it was deployed to Natopian Arboria and formed the core of the allied Apollonian Command:

1) X Corps, garrisoned around New Aquitaine
2) XI Corps, garrisoned around Fort Nidar
3) XII Corps, garrisoned around southern and western Arboria

The Corps, each comprised of eight legions, contain a total of 48,000 personnel and are commanded by a Magister Militum.

The Legions, comprised of five regiments, each contain 6,000 personnel and are commanded by a Legatus Imperii, who may enjoy a brevet promotion of the rank of 'Dux' if his legion is expanded as a vexillatio by the addition of regimental detachments.

A Regiment comprises of ten squadrons, and contains 1,200 personnel under the command of a Tribunus Laticlavius.

A Squadron, consisting of five troops, will contain 120 personnel and comes under the command of either a Tribunus Angusticlavius or the most senior Centurion (Primus Ordinus).

A Troop, comprised of three sections, will contain 24 personnel under the command of a Centurion, or of his subordinate Optio if on detachment.

A Contubernium, the smallest administrative section of the Imperial Army, comprises of two fire-teams, totalling eight men under the command of a Decanus. The two absent men suggested by the title of Decanus, or 'commander of ten', are a supernumerary fiction for the calculation of rations and mess bills.

A four-man fire-team, crew or work detail will come under the command of a so-called 'Chosen Man' which is the lowest non-commissioned officer rank in the Imperial Army.

Regimental sized and larger formations will have detachments from the Shirerithian Supplies Service, usually in the form of specialist auxiliaries such as medics, logisticians or signallers, embedded amongst them. An Imperial Army regiment would have a typically have a Supplies Service squadron, whilst a legion would have a supply column equivalent to a regiment in strength.


Personnel in the Imperial Forces by Service
Name Personnel
Imperial Army (IA) 739,200
Imperial Navy of Shireroth (IN) 399,900
Imperial Shirerithian Air Forces (ISAF) 433,078
Shirerithian Supplies Service (SSS) 1,387,725


Rank Grade IA/INCF/SSS Ranks IN Ranks ISAF Ranks
OF-10 Magister Primum Amiratus Amiratorum
Grand Admiral
Marshal of the Air Forces
OF-9 Magister Generalis
(General Staff)
Admiral Air Chief Marshal
OF-8 Magister Equitum
(Field Command - Army)
Vice Admiral Air Marshal
OF-7 Magister Militum
(Field Command - Corps)
Rear Admiral Air Vice-Marshal
OF-6 Dux Commodore Air Commodore
OF-5 Imperial Legate Captain Group Captain
OF-4 Tribunus Laticlavius Commander Wing Commander
OF-3 Tribunus Angusticlavius
Lieutenant Commander Squadron Leader
OF-2 Centurion
Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant
OF-1 Optio
Sub Lieutenant Pilot Officer / Flying Officer
OF(D) No Equivalent Midshipman Acting Pilot Officer
Student Officer Cornicen
Cornicen Cornicen
OR-9 Evocatus / Tesserarius Evocatus Evocatus
OR-8 Imaginifer Imaginifer Imaginifer
OR-7 Aquilifer Chief Petty Officer Flight sergeant / Chief technician
OR-6 Hastiliarius / Vexillarius Petty Officer Sergeant
OR-5 Signifer Signifer Signifer
OR-4 Decanus
(Leading Rate)
OR-3 Chosen Man Chosen Man Chosen Man
OR-2 Milities Immunes
Able Seaman Senior Aircraftman / Technician
OR-1 Milities Pedes
Pressed Man Aircraftman

Garrisons and Stations

Western Benacia Garrison

Garrisoned in the restive Imperial Dominions of Dietsland, Puritania and Voltrue.

Mishalan Garrison

The Imperial Dominions were the only territories open for the permanent garrisoning of the Imperial Forces, excepting temporary dispensations to pass through the territories of the Imperial States by the permission of the States in peacetime in accordance with the Martial Code of Shireroth.

Of these, the only territory with the sufficient capacity to provide host to the land and air formations of the Imperial Republic were to be afforded by the Autonomous Republic of Mishalan, which also fortuitously was the Imperial Republic's burgeoning heavy industrial complex, of which the foremost concern was the reinvigorated Red Bear LLC. Regrettably the noxious by-product of industrial effluence belched by the factories of Niu Vena attracted the unwelcome attention of certain apex predators unwisely bred in a neighbouring jurisdiction.

Thus the Imperial Forces were able to strengthen themselves through rearmament from the very factories they assisted the Soviet Forces in defending.

By 1645 the situation on the frontier was much improved and the Field Army was reassigned to garrison duties in Goldshire, while the strength of the Frontier Army was reduced to a single corps in the province.

Similarly the bulk of the Imperial Shirerithian Air Forces' active squadrons were moved eastwards to face a revitalised Jingdao and the prospect of an intercontinental war with Apollonia.

Shirekeep Garrison

Novaya Sorensk Garrison

Goldshire Garrison

Arboria Garrison

MoMA Station Akis

MoMA Station Sabatini

MoMA Station Sagittarius

MoMA Station Talenore


Imperial Army

Small Arms / Personal Equipment

Name Manufacturer
Country of Origin
Type Number Image Details
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
Fragmentation Hand Grenade . .
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
White Phosphorus Anti-Lich Grenade . .
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
Mustard Gas Anti-Singer Grenade . .
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
Red Smoke Hand Grenade . .
M1610 ROFL
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
7.9mm Rifle (Semi-Automatic) . .
M1639 Stahlhelm Various Contractors
(Shirekeep, Shireroth)
Combat Helmet . .
OAH 9mm Pistol House of Osman GmbH
(Jadid Khaz Modan, Shireroth)
9mm Pistol . .
OAH Babgehwer Khaybar House of Osman GmbH
(Jadid Khaz Modan, Shireroth)
9mm Carbine . .

Support Weapons

Name Manufacturer
Country of Origin
Type Number Image Details
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
7.62mm Light Machine Gun . .
Polybolos ROFL
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
.50 Heavy Machine Gun . .
Tankgewehr ROFL
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
Anti-Materiel Rifle . .
Waspsting ROFL
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
Man-Portable Air Defence System . .
Hornet ROFL
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
Anti-Tank Launcher . .
82mm Mortar ROFL
(Imperial County, Shireroth)
Mortar . .

Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Gravimetric Vehicles

Imperial Navy of Shireroth

Surface Combatant Vessels

Name Manufacturer
Country of Origin
Type Number Image Details

Undersea Combatant Vessels

Aviation Assets


Imperial Shirerithian Air Forces

Name Manufacturer
Country of Origin
Type Number Image Details

Shirerithian Supplies Service

Small Arms

Name Manufacturer
Country of Origin
Type Number Image Details

Support Vehicles

Ministries of the Imperial Republic

Ministry of the Interior SealMiniInt.png - Ministry of Military Affairs Logo military of shireroth.png- Ministry of the Exterior Seal miniex.png
Office of Information Office of Information.png - Office of Bounties and Factorage OCSLCF.png - Imperial Forces Imperial Forces.png