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The Prætor is the moderator of the Landsraad. Aside from the occasional Kaiseral election by the Landsraad, it is the only elected position in the Imperial Government.

Prior to the Prætor, the members of the Landsraad moderated themselves, but as the Landsraad grew in size and importance, it became apparent that some form of mediation was necessary.

Erik Mortis created the name "Prætor". The letter ash (æ) ought to be used if possible as the proper spelling is not "Praetor" (though it is generally accepted). Ash may be typed on a Windows keyboard with the ASCII code Alt+0230.

Nicholas Raglan, a Yardistani, is known as first 'speaker' (a term to refer to the Prætor).

List of Prætors

Tenure (ASC units) Tenure (Elw years) Prætor State or Duchy
2850-3430 1528-1547 Jonas Windsor Kildare
3430-3679 1547-1556 Nathan Waffel-Paine Elwynn
3679-3736 1556-1557 Malliki Tosha Brookshire
3736-3852 1557-1561 Isabelle Allot Elwynn
3852-3953 1561-1565 Leo Eldwood Elwynn/Goldshire
3953-4041 1565-1567 Erik Mortis Brookshire
4041-4235 1567-1574 Jonas Windsor Kildare
4235-4347 1574-1578 Carl Jackson Yardistan
4347-4436 1578-1580 Erik Mortis Machinaria/Brookshire
4436-4582 1580-1585 Carl Jackson Yardistan
4582-4995 1585-1599 Spraki Krumsson Lichbrook
4995-5121 1599-1603 Vilhelm Benkern Yardistan
5132-5399 1603-1612 Lyssansa Rossheim Lichbrook
5399-5484 1612-1615 Mira Octavius-Aryani Kezan (Imp. Lands)
5484-5570 1615-1618 Aasmund Vigeland Elwynn
5578-5660 1618-1621 Janus Eadric Neridia/Goldshire
5666-5768 1621-1624 Mira Raynora the Elder Lichbrook
5768-5786 1624-1625 Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion Elwynn
5786-pres. 1625-pres. Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir Elwynn

Past Prætors