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The Steward's Shield of Honour.

-Rules in place of the Kaiser under special circumstances: -If the Kaiser is absent for an extended period of time, the Steward may claim the Imperial Throne of Shireroth in their name-If a Kaiser dies but leaves no heir, the Steward is expected to reign in their absence until a new Kaiser presents themselves.

For a short while, it was tradition to have your Steward take the throne when you stepped down. However, that tradition has been lost by the wayside. The Duchy of Brookshire also had a Steward, who acted in a similar manner: replacing the Duke when necessary. This position was tied to the Count of Goldshire.

In ancient days the Steward bore no crown or official emblem of office.

At the Coronation of Hasan I, The Prophet presented Jacobus Loki with a "Shield made of dark Silver, with the white-gold inlay of a mighty fruit bearing tree, with black pearls hanging from the branches." The Prophet named this the Shield of the Steward, the Shield of Honor.

(Kaiseress Aure I abolished the position, Imperial Decree 61, but her successors restored it.)

The current Steward is Waldemar Zinkgraven.

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