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Shirocracy is a form of government that looks like a dictatorship but isn't. It's simply not explicable. It has its historical roots in Shireroth where the people often argued about what kind of government they had. With calling it Shirocracy, the problem was solved and everyone lived in perfect harmony.

Except of course that it is nothing of the sort. The political dynamic of Shireroth can be quite easily explained. It is a context-specific oligarchy that has developed as a compromise between an all powerful autocracy that can "get things done" and the powerful vested interests of the nobility whose consent or at least acquiescence to that same autocracy is necessary for the polity to function.

Each and every Kaiser is living on borrowed time (about three months worth roughly) and although a succession can be mapped out it is the case that, to be secure on the throne the heir must gain the throne by the acclamation of the peers of the realm assembled in the Landsraad.

The reigning sovereign has dictatorial powers but relies to a large extent on the popular will. In this sense Shireroth is an accurate simulation of a political system in as much as any regime can only ever sustain itself by obtaining the passive consent if not the active support of the vested interests which exist in any given polity.

The Shirithian oligarchy also has elements of a Meritocracy in that status can be gained through diligence, skill, loyalty and a modicum of political acumen. A talented, well meaning newcomer can attain the rank of Duke, Steward, or even Kaiser providing he pays certain attention to culture and tradition. Paradoxically, Shireroth is a conservative culture that rewards initiative.

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