Qaisar-e Sathrati

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Qaisar-e Sathrati (also written as Qaisar Sathratiye or (when feminine) Qaisar Banooye Sathratiye) is a Babkhan royal title, from 1538 to 1598 subsidiary to the Babkhan shah's titles, and thereafter recognized to belong to the Kaiser of Shireroth.

The title literally means "Kaiser of Shireroth", so in the years 1538–1598 there were two claimants to the Mango Throne, the Babkhan shah and the Shirerithian native kaiser (who at times, too, was Babkhan). For the most part this was a mere cosmetic claim, while at other times the claim was pursued vigorously by certain shahs.

From the rule of Kaiseress Noor and on, the Babkhan title is used in the preambles to identify the Kaiser/ess in exclusion to the Shirerithian native title as a homage to her dynasty's Babkhan roots. Although since her reign, the title Emir of Sathrati has been held concurrently with Qaisar-e Sathrati, the two titles are distict and ought not to be mixed up.

List of Qayasirat-e Sathrati

Rashid 1538–1541
Hesam 1541–1557
Cyrus 1557–1568
Truvus 1568–1573
Farzan 1573–1592
Ardashir 1592–1598
Gozar 1598
Mireh Rainooriye 1598–1602
Ayumid 1602–1608
Semiseh 1608
Tarantur 1608–1609
Mol 1610–1613
Mortis 1613–1615
Drakh 1615–1617
Radkil 1617–1620
Kasanderiyeh 1620
Yunatan 1620–1623
Yaqub 1623–1624
Daniyal 1624–1626
Kizeh 1626–1629
Rainoor 1629–1634
Brapeh 1634–1635
Abu Nuh 1635–1639
Yayhal 1639–1642
Domnush 1642–1644
Noor as-Salaam 1644–1650
Salim 1650–