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The House System was the short-lived feudal system of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth which existed from from 1562 to 1567 and replaced the Duchy System.




The House System was, after lenghty discussions in Shireroth, launched in the year 1562 with the issuance of series of Imperial Decrees, to wit: Imperial Decree 443, Imperial Decree 444, Imperial Decree 445, Imperial Decree 446, and Imperial Decree 447 by Kaiser Mors VI.


We, the Landsraad of Shireroth, urge Her Niftiness the Kaiseress, Keeper of the Apollo Legacy, Grand Mistress of the Orders of the Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix, and Chimera, Wielder of Vengeance, Bearer of the Celestial Barrier, Countess of Shirekeep, Princess of Hvalafell, and Lady of the Golden Mango Throne, to decree the following:

1. That all Imperial Lands are laid open to any Shirerithian interests that wish to explore, exploit, develop, or colonize them. Citizens of Shireroth need not seek Imperial permission before attempting to develop Imperial Lands.

2. That the Kaiser or Landsraad may choose to evict a person, corporation, or House from an Imperial Land if they demonstrate a willful disregard for its populace or culture. Such a person's work will be deemed "non-canon" and can be explained away by future colonizers in any way they wish. That person will be banned from any further development work in that area, or, depending on the scale of the offense, in Imperial Lands.

3. That the Kaiser or Landsraad may choose to grant governorships to those who have done exceptional work developing an Imperial Land. The governor of a land, and the House to which ze belongs will have control over a land, its armies, its resources, and its development so long as ze holds the title over said Imperial Lands.

4. That the Kaiser or Landsraad may choose to revoke gubernatorial titles and their pleasure.

5. That the official in charge of cartography will, at reasonable intervals, release maps showing what Shirerithian counties are under what degree of influence from what houses.

End of the House System

Be it resolved by the Landsraad the understanding that the system known as Houses has failed this empire.

Thus, it is desired that the Kaiser know that the Landsraad, comprising the representation of the Houses and Nobles of Shireroth desire the end of this House system and the re-establishment of Duchies.

Thus, the Landsraad requests that the Kaiser do all that is necessary to restore the system of Duchies, with the cooperation of the Landsraad.