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Coa Shirekeep.png
Population: 30,352,759
Predominant language: Præta (official)
Babkhi, Elw, Istvanistani (tolerated)

Main roads: Kaiser's Boulevard, Infernal Avenue, Nobles' Avenue, Heretic's Walk
Major districts: Bailiwicks: Foley, Northshire South, Saint Zor, Shirekeep, Valley of Mors
Quarters: Raynor's Keep, The Old City, Docklands, Underkeep

Current mayor: Titus Morvayne (Prefect)


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Shirekeep is the capital and largest city of Shireroth, with a history going back over 1,500 years. Shirekeep is a part of the Imperial County, directly under the Kaiser. A Prefect (before 1576 AN: Lord Mayor) can be appointed to handle city affairs.

Metropolitan Shirekeep's total population is 30,352,759 (census 1656), of which 427,166 are citizens, 21,791,866 are denizens, 6,172,092 are loyal subjects, and 1,961,635 are community workers.


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Shirekeep has had a long and often troubled history. Historians themselves can't even agree on what exactly happened in the city, so it's difficult to imagine you can. Well, if you have the time and are not taken aback by tales of daemons, severed limbs and curious murders, just go and read the entire article.

Quarters of the city



Public Health

The insanitary conditions of Shirekeep and its environs, including the Underkeep, long submerged in backed up effluent, have become infamous the world over and gave rise to a myriad of disease. The suspicion has been for many years that a great mortality has been kept at bay in the city only by the continual warring of the bacterial microbes as to which should give rise to the next exterminating pestilence.

A Shirekeeper may be readily identified by the discovery of the so-called "keep-blister", a putrid green bubo or blister, which may be found about the underside of the armpit, in the groin or on the neck of the sufferer. In a Shirekeeper it is the sign that the bacteriological warfare raging in his body has reached a stalemate and that the patient may expect to reach about the average age of someone resident in the city who does not die as a consequence of direct human intervention (42). For a person who has come from the countryside or less malignant or indeed more sanitary climes the discovery is usually swiftly fatal.


Shirekeep is politically divided into Quarters, who each elect a Quarter Council to manage that particular area. This body elects one Provost to chair the Council for a 3 year period. The Provosts sit in the Council of Provosts, which constitutes Shirekeep's central elected body. However, the power of the city remains in the hands of the Prefect, who is appointed directly by the Kaiser.


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Council of Provosts

The Council of Provosts is a political body and mostly divided among party lines. As it stands in 1664, the composition of the Council is as follows:

Current Council of Provosts

Morvayne Coalition

  • Imperial Republican - 14
  • Verionist Union - 2


  • Reform Society - 8
  • PAST - 2
  • Slurpgurgle - 1


  • Independent - 4


In the modern era Shirekeep has been besieged or otherwise attacked by Elwynnese forces in the years 1493, 1535, 1602, 1635 & 1644. Unsurprisingly the Keepers have started to develop a bit of a complex concerning their northern neighbours.

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