Kaiser's Boulevard

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Kaiser's Boulevard, photo taken in 4268 ASC where Nobles' Avenue and the boulevard cross each other. Raynor's Keep can be seen on the background.

Kaiser's Boulevard is a prestigious boulevard in Shirekeep. It's one of the main roads of the capital and it crosses eight former districts: Raynor's Keep, the Treesian Quarter, Audente Quarter, Soloralist Quarter, Yardistani Quarter, the Hub, the Rim and Westshire.


Kaiser's Boulevard was a simple road between Raynor's Village and Raynor's Keep during the days of Kaiser Raynor I. In 1523 ASC is partly demolished to make place for more room for the expansion of the Ancient City.

In 1598 ASC, the road links Raynor's Keep directly outside the City centre. It's the fastest way to enter and leave the capital.

During the reign of Kaiser Gaelen IV, the boulevard gets totally rebuild: buildings are demolished to broaden the street and make it possible to place trees and bushes next to the boulevard. Several columns of Kaisers are also erected during this period.


Because of its length and direct access from outside the capital to the heart of Shirekeep (Raynor's Keep), the boulevard was frequently used by the Kaisers for triumphal marches.

After successful battles and wars, or on national holidays, the Imperial Army would process down the boulevard. The tradition fell into abeyance as Shireroth's victories ended and the national holidays largely became forgotten by successive neglectful governments. Ironically, the last triumphant march along the Kaiser's Boulevard was undertaken by the Elwynnese Union Defence Force in 1635 AN to celebrate the defeat of the mutinous Imperial Forces at the end of the River War.


As above has been said: several columns and statues of Kaisers were erected to niftify the Kaiser's Boulevard. Interesting to visit: