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Map westshire.png
Nation: Imperial Republic of Shireroth
City: Shirekeep
Predominant language: English, Præta Sxiröþes

Main roads:
Major ethnicities:

Westshire is one of the districts in the outskirts of Shirekeep, so unprotected by the Wall of Reynardine. Nonetheless, it's a popular place to live and ut has much to offer. Lukedu Center for the Exploding Arts, the Anandja Colosseum and the National Stadium are all located here.

Quarters and districts of Shirekeep

City Centre: Audente Quarter - Boreal Quarter - Commercial District - The Hub - Landsraad District - Metzlershire - Northshire - The Old City - Raynor's Keep - The Rim - Soloralist Quarter - Treesian Quarter - Yardistani Quarter - Outskirts: Caeol’s Village - Docklands - Foreign Quarters - Halluci Shire - Little Holwinn - Loki’s Line - Timothy’s Cliff - Westshire