Soloralist Quarter

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Soloralist Quarter
Map Soloralist quarter.png
Nation: Imperial Republic of Shireroth
City: Shirekeep
Predominant language: English, Præta Sxiröþes

Main roads:
Major ethnicities: Shirerithians, Tapferites, Nelagans, Gralans, Hyperboreans

The Soloralist Quarter is to the Keep's north. During the secession from Audentior, much of the Audente Quarter was burned in riots, and the Jasonians, Shireroth's new masters, chose to relocate their capital a few hundred meters west into the territory which officially became the Jasonian (later the Soloralist) Quarter. This district is currently well known as the religious center of Shirekeep.

Quarters and districts of Shirekeep

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