Foreign Quarters

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Foreign Quarters
Map foreign quarters.png
Nation: Imperial Republic of Shireroth
City: Shirekeep
Predominant language: Istvanistani, Præta Sxiröþes

Main roads:
Major ethnicities:

The Foreign Quarters was a collection of ethnic communities on the River Elwynn's south bank. One day, in a particularly xenophobic mood, Kaiser Brrapa V banned a long list of foreigners, especially Babkhans and Atterans, from Shirekeep. The banished foreigners crossed to the south bank of the Elwynn, setting up what began as a shantytown and later became its own town, outside the capital's special administrative region but linked socially and culturally to Shirekeep both by its proximity and a series of bridges. Although Brrapa's prohibition has long been lifted, most non-Apollonian foreigners chose to live in the Foreign Quarter anyway to take advantage of the communities there that bound them to their homeland. Many signs in the Quarter were bilingual, featuring both Shirerithian and the language of some foreign country, and even the most patriotic Shirerithians would cross the bridges some nights for Shirekeep's most exotic cuisine.

In 1567 AN the Great Fire of Shirekeep happened and led to the destruction of the largest part of the Foreign Quarter. A fraction of the surviving population fled the capital but most moved to other districts. Instead of new houses, the land was used as farmland. The Fishian Wall was built by Kaiser Fish XII around the district to protect the fields in case of a siege.

Under Gaelen IV Fort Tempus was constructed to protect the southern districts in case of a siege. The artillery protects the whole Foreign Quarter, which still retained its name.

For a time the Quarters were lost to Shirekeep itself, falling under the literal dead hand of rule from by the Lich-Queens, and coming to form a separate city: Lichkeep.

Quarters and districts of Shirekeep

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