Prefect of Shirekeep

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The Prefect of Shirekeep (before 1577 AN called the Lord Mayor) is the, by the Kaiser appointed, ruler of the Imperial Capital and County of the same name.

The Prefectoral Palace was located the Boreal Quarter of Shirekeep and served as the administrative centre of the Prefect and his administration before it was burnt down during the Year of the Four Kaisers.

List of Prefects

Portrait Name Reign Comment
Senechal Jon'Kur I portrait.png Jonas Win'Eth 1577–1591 First to hold the title of Prefect instead of Lord Mayor
Kai Jackson.jpg Kai Jackson 1591–1594, 1594–1610 Hottest Prefect in recorded history, served two non-consecutive terms
CrestOfMortis.png Shyriath Letifer Farstrider of Mortis 1610–1622
Kaiserhjalmarredquill.jpeg Audun Joel Ayreon-Kalirion 1642–1644 Marquess of Shirekeep
MiraOA.png Mira Octavius-Aryani 1645–1663 Also Steward (1657–1663) and Countess of Shirekeep, 1661-1663. Assassinated in the Steward's Tower of Raynor's Keep
Titus Morvayne.png Titus Morvayne 1664– First Prefect taken from within Shirekeep's government