Line of Grifos

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Line of Grifos

Nicholas I - Loki I - Nicholas II
Nicholas III - Ikol I
Steward Stjepan I - Letifer I
Steward Nikkolo I - Wylþeow I
Letifer II - Alejian I
Letifer III - Loki II - Loki III
Erasmas I - Anandja I
Loki IV - Yardistanislaus I
Kaiser Raynor XII

Progenitor: Nicholas I

Line: Grifos
Progenitor: Nicholas I
Established: b2197

-Bio: The Line of Grifos is an offshoot of the Line of Metzler and is historically a Yardistani Bloodline. Du Grifos is Yardistani for "of Gryphon." Notable members include Letifer I who dethroned the infamous Mog I. And Nikkolo I, a steward, who is considered the one of the most successful Stewards in Shireroth's history.

The Line became more prominent during the Fourth Age of Shireroth. The Line of Drak claims connection to this line.