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Progenitor: Jason I

Kaiser Mo'll, also known as Mo'll I (the first) (Ryabin Merkayastreb, died 1614) was the second Kaiser properly elected by the Landsraad (and the first, with 53% of the vote, by an absolute majority) after the flustered abdication of Kaiser Trantor IV who refused to name a successor. Also known as Duke Ryabin Merkayastreb of Goldshire (Krasniy) and the most high profile political causalty of Kaiser Trantor's abrasive rule, Kaiser Mo'll was swept to power on a wave of popular sympathy for himself and retribution against his unpopular predecessor.

Mo'll spent most of his reign outside Shirekeep; using the Imperial Yacht to tour the Imperial States of Shireroth. In Aryasht, he was given the Sabre of Unity by the Prince. in Kildare he became incredibly drunk and left the Dutchess' banquet early. In Yardistan he chose to land by surprise on a remote corner of the isle of Mirioth and was received only by a gaggle of villagers and an astonished officer of the local gendermerie. In Lichbrook, he was constantly interrupted by petitioners from Shirekeep, and in Elwynn he was subject to an assassination attempt by Amokolian seperatists.

Despite the patchy success of the tour it was regarded well by Shirerithians, as was his reign in general. His relatively unremarkable reign made all the more quiet by Mo'll's desire to maintain a period of peace at all costs after the schism/reunification of Elwynn, the Cabbage Crisis, and perpetual chaos in Kildare.

One event of note however was the thorny issue of changing the original Shirerithian flag gaining sudden and unusually successful traction. Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing and culturally sensitive 'alternative' flag, it was assembled by a series of frenzied brainstormings at the front gate of the Landsraad with the design being finalised by Orion, Shyriath and Rossheim into something which even Mo'll himself found pleasing, despite not wishing to change the flag at all. This final design was duly passed by vote of the Landsraad, Kaiser Mo'll relented and the new flag was made official.

Being a native of Lunaris, Mo'll's reign was heavy on spectacle and aesthetics with a redesign of the header for Imperial Decrees featuring the new flag and the seals of the Imperial States, a lavishly documented accession and departure from the Mango Throne, as well as a series of florid Imperial Proclamations commenting on the affairs of the day with a view to the bigger picture. These features, universally referred to by the Kaiser as the "Pretty Things", made up for what would otherwise have been a dull and uninteresting reign.

Unusually for a Kaiser at the time, Mo'll abdicated after the customary three years while still alive, and returned to the Ducal throne of Goldshire. His named successor, Shyriath Bukolos, was subsequently kept from gaining the Mango Throne by unforeseen - very unforeseen - circumstances, namely the re-emergence of an undead and rather irritated Kaiser Mors IV.

Preceded by:
Krasniy Yastreb
Duke of Goldshire
Succeeded by:
Ryker Everstone
Preceded by:
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by:
Mors IV