XXIII Corps (The Zjandarian Guards)

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XXIII Corps (The Zjandarian Guards)
Zjandarian Guards Crest.png
Active: 21 Nomeziooqu 1637–
Motto Leading the Charge
In use by: Army of the Southern League
Allegiance: Elwynn (N&H)

Type: Mechanised Corps
  • Pre-war Strength: 57,600
    • Guardsmen: 23,729
    • N&H Militia: 33,993 (assigned to other corps)
Nicknames: The Redoubtables
Commander: "Gobryas" (Code name)


Formed in 1637 from the loyalist Behsazi militia groups that operated in Alalehzamin and Utasia during the River War, the 10th Division of the Territorial Defence Corps, known as the Zjandarian Guards (derived from the historic Babkhi name of Lesser Zjandaria formerly applied to the Deep South), was the first division strength formation to be deployed into the Vale of Angularis in 1639 to combat a widespread insurgency. The deployment exposed weaknesses in UDF's logistical supply chain which were subsequently addressed by the Tulloch Reforms implemented by the Zjandarian Guard's newly appointed Generalmajor, Petro Tulloch, and subsequently rolled out across the entire UDF.

Following the Auspicious Occasion, the Zjandarian Guards became a training cadre for the Elwynnese Republican Guards which replaced the disbanded UDF.

With the renewal of hostilities against Jingdao, on a far larger scale than previously in the Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation, the Republican Guard was hurriedly expanded to become a reserve army for the overstretched Imperial Forces. The 10th Division was formally disestablished and it's traditions along with the surviving ex-UDF personnel passed onto XXIII Corps (The Zjandarian Guards).

As part of Operation Gorgon, the under-strength Corps was relocated to Vijayanagara to assist in the training of new recruits and the establishment of coastal defences around the strategically important arctic port city.

The Corps had been hastily mobilised and dispatched to Keltia for the ill-fated expedition of Waldemar Zinkgraven against Nova England. This campaign, which ended with internal dissension in the Warring Isles, resulted in a significant hit to the morale of the Corps, when it returned to Vijayanagara in 1657.

Driven out of Vijayanagara by followers of the Holy Church of the Divine Icebear in the early stages of the Elwynnese Civil War, the Corps, and the 8th Army became the rallying point for N&H fighters in Agnesia.

Commanding Officers

  • 1637–1638: Generalmajor Kaveh Parvin
  • 1638–1639: Generalmajor Farbtafeln (arrested for murdering a civilian management consultant during the Anarchy of Angularis)
  • 1639–1644: Generalmajor Petro Tulloch
  • 1644–1654: Generalmajor Daniyal Sikander Dravot
  • 1654–1660: Dux Flavius Magnus†
  • 1660–the present: "Gobryas"