The Brookshire Fleet

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The Brookshire Fleet was assembled from the various ships under the command of the Duke of Brookshire, in April of 2008. The Brookshire Fleet is the first major organized fleet in Shireroth under the direct command of a noble. The fleet was mandated to protect the coasts of Shireroth, and the interests of the crown across the globe. Fleet headquarters are located in the City of Yoen, on the coast of the County of Alexandretta.

The Brookshire Fleet saw its first use shortly after its creation during the Bosworth Conflict in May of 2008. While frigates of the Brookshire Fleet were the first to enter combat during the conflict, the fleet as a whole was mostly assigned to patrol and guarding roles in the beginning of the conflict.

After being abandoned following the disestablishment of Brookshire, the remaining vessels were salvaged by the Imperial Navy of Shireroth and assembled off-shore the island of Ura'Bos where they were scuttled by the detonation of an atomic depth bomb in early 1641 AN.


The Brookshire Fleet was separated into several battle groups and tactical squadrons.

Coastal Defense Group

The Coastal Defense Group consists primarily of Corvettes and other smaller craft patrolling the immediate coastline of Brookshire. The CDG also acts as a search and rescue fleet for both civilian and military ships off the Brookshire coast.

Ships of the Coastal Defense Group

  • BDS Scuttlebutt (Corvette)
  • BDS Duck Out of Water (Corvette)
  • BDS Firefly (Corvette)
  • BDS Rustolium (Diesel Submarine)
  • 1st Alexandrettan Patrol Boat Force (20 Patrol Torpedo Boats)

Brookshire Tactical Strike Group

The Brookshire Tactical Strike Group is tasked with small scale tactical missions, and escort of larger vessels.

Ships of the Brookshire Tactical Strike Group

Brookshire Destroyer Group

Ships of the Brookshire Destroyer Group

Brookshire Heavy Battle Group

Ships of the Brookshire Heavy Battle Group

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