IRS Thunder Child

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The IRS Thunder Child is a frigate within The Brookshire Fleet, and was christened in April 2008. The Thunder Child is named for the HMS Thunder Child a fictional ironclad in the novel The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.

The Thunder Child is currently the most advanced and heavily armed frigate in the Brookshire Fleet sporting the heaviest guns for its hull type. The main armament of the Thunder Child consists of two single barrel 6 inch guns, one mounted fore and aft. The primary role of the Thunder Child is that of quick deployment assault vessel. Sporting a heavier gun size then its counterparts the vessel can inflict damage on larger targets then other ships of its size, while enjoying the benefits of speed and maneuverability that its size brings.

The IRS Thunder Child is frequently used has heavy support for other lighter armed frigates such as the IRS Sparta or the IRS Brutus.