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The BDS Rustolium served primarily as a scout and patrol boat in the coastal waters of Brookshire. It's age limits the utility of the craft, seeing it consigned mostly to coastal work such as intercepting small craft and the laying of minefields. The Rustolium was modelled after the Gotzborger Montin-class U-Boat. One peculiar quirk of the Rustolium was that it had been outfitted in such a way that its engines could be made to sound like a commercial fishing trawler, when running on the surface. Although spared the fate of much of the historic fleet of Brookshire.

  • 1641–1666:
  • 1666: Donated to the Wechua Nation, an ally of Shireroth, which although landlocked has repeatedly expressed a desire to develop an independent naval arm.

Notable former officers and crew

  • Commander Monterey Floyd (CO), circa 1546
  • Lieutenant Hal Gilbertus (XO), circa 1546