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Sander Dieleman

Sander Dieleman has been a micronationalist since 1999. He is the founder of The Micronation of Pacary, The Democracy of Feijea, The Commune of Feianova, The Empire of Xantari, The Commonwealth of Trián (later the Theocracy of Mediterranea) and the Confederate Rianates of Lemuria. He has also held citizenships in the United Bobbesian Republic, the Free Community of Pasárgada, the People's Republic of Noviykrazniystan, the Soviet Republic of Arkania, the Republic of Baracão, the United Kingdom of Arminy, and probably many more. The nations he's founded are commonly called SanderNations.

Sander Dieleman joined micronationalism by founding the Micronation of Pacary, somewhere in 1999, after having read an article on micronations in a Flemish computer magazine called "Netwerk". Pacary remained largely a one man nation until Philip Locke joined it and instigated major reforms. It was then that Sander got in contact with the "ezboard" (eg, pre-Micras) sector of micronationalism, which he had only been observing from a distance until then.

Sander has created a few micronational conlangs, such as Pacarian, Feianovedo, Lemurian and Lembrin. He has also created multiple web applications which made setting up a micronational economy easier. These are phpmX, PHPBank and MX2 respectively. He is currently working another such application, codenamed Arguros.

Sander Dieleman is currently one of the three ramus of the Confederate Rianates of Lemuria and uses the username Sander / Sander042802.

Sander has also been known as:
Alfonso Rufio Castaneda, in Baracão
Erick Antersson, in Arminy
Zayin I, in Mediterranea
the Emperor of Xan, in Xantari
Ramu Ségirdair I, in Lemuria
Ramu Sheirdai XIV, in Lemuria