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Editor's Note: This article was written in 2004 or early 2005 for the MicroWiki and may be out of date. Feianova, Anarcho-syndicalist Commune Of, is a micronation based on the principles of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-syndicalism anarcho-syndicalism] as they were applied during the Spanish Civil War. It was originally founded by Sander Dieleman.


The Feianovan government was remarkably simple. Feianova had no laws; instead it had "guidelines". They were not enforced, but citizens of the commune regarded it as common sense that these guidelines be followed. The Common Principles replaced the constitution. The Assembly, where all Feianovans met, drew up and voted on these guidelines.


Feianova was a simpler version of Feijea. Feijea was a micronation founded right after the death of Pacary, and was basically a copy of it. Since it was rather boring (Pacary, but without any culture), it died soon and was replaced by Feianova, which was basically identical to Feijea, but with a simpler government structure. Kuralyov, a Feianovan who had just been watching Monty Python, jokingly suggested that it be reformed to an Anarcho-Syndicalist commune. Strangely, most people liked that idea, and so, the Commune of Feianova was born. Feianova (and so, later SanderNations) developed a hatred for Menelmacar very early in its history because of the traditionalist coup. This was the base for a strong relationship with Baracão (which it had also kindof inherited from Pacary). Generally, very little happened, and when Sander decided to retire from micronationalism, Feianova died. However! On a certain day, Kuralyov decided to refound it. Feianova II flourished, as it was kind of Mediterranea's successor. It had also inherited an intense hatred for anything Antican from Mediterranea, since they had been spying on the Theocracy. Thoenen decided to spy on Antica independently. However, the Anticans discovered this and weren't too pleased. After this discovery, Feianova went downhill, and even more when Kuralyov left on vacation forever. Very recently, the Feianovan fora were erased in a terrorist attack, which eventually meant its death. Currently, Feianova belongs to the Empire of Lemuria and houses the taiçarda family.


Feianovan culture was based on the Spanish Civil War and the French Revolution. Feianova had its own language, feianovedo, and its own decimal calendar with years of 100 days and weeks of 5 days.


Feianova EZBoard Old Feianova EzBoard Feianova phpBB - recently erased by terrorist attacks. New Feianova phpBB - restored by Thoenen from a rediscovered update