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Xantari, Empire of

Xantari was a short-lived nation which was founded by then retired micronationalist Sander Dieleman as the Emperor under a different name. It wasn't a serious project, and this became fairly obvious when it decided to annex Pacary (then a Baracaoan province), Feianova and Menelmacar. Soon after the annexations were announced, the Emperor's true identity was revealed.


Xantari's government was described by the Skyline as "simple, yet elegant". The Xantar, or Emperor of Xan, was both head of government and state. His exact powers were never really defined anywhere. The Circle of Xan was the parliament, where all citizens could vote/propose/debate on acts of law (typical for a SanderNation). The Entrance of Xan was where new Xanats were "initiated", which basically means "immigrated". Xanats however used the term initiation. The Arch of Xan was where foreign relations where handled. The Triangle of Xan was where the Xanidiu (cabinet) met with the Emperor every two weeks to discuss what was to be done the next two weeks. The Wall of Xan was the army and intelligence headquarters.


Xantari was called a "cult" by some, and in a certain way they were right. Xanats were supposedly people who had abandoned human weaknesses, mainly egoism and greed. Xantari had its own vocabulary. One cannot speak of a language, since grammar was absent. The black backgrounds and white glowing elements and text were supposed to add to the mystery.


- Old Xantari Ezboard