Old Hallucination

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Old Hallucination

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Feudal Status: County
Capital: Port Halluci
Largest Cities: Port Halluci, Bray

Local Leadership Title: The Count
Local Government: County
Current leader: Ozarka Monto

Local language: English, Written Halluci
Local Religion: Cedrism, Envisionism


Old Hallucination used to be part of the larger Barony of Hallucination. With the fall of Count Austi von Scott, the Barony was split into two counties, Count Ozarka Monto taking the northern Old Hallucination, and Duchess Hypatia Agnesi taking the southern Lesser Attera, including the ancient capital, Hallucigrad. While attempts to create new envisioning stones (and even some connections to Illumination) were made, eventually the Count passed away and the envisioned Halluci faded into obscurity.

During the time of the plague the Temple of Ryvenna closed its gates and a great forest grew up around it, which stands to this very day. After Baron Andreas reclaimed the County for Atterock, there was peace for sometime. Then Old Hallucination was stirred by the invasion of Duke Jonas during the Gong Li Rebellion, and the return of the ancient Count.

The Temple of Ryvenna

The Temple of Ryvenna is at the centre of the County. It is attended by many Dryads, but its leadership appears to spring from Ents. In particular the first envisioned tree, Halu, believed to be one of the oldest inhabitants of Kildare still alive.