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Atterock Flag 3.png
Feudal Status: Barony
Capital: Melangia
Largest Cities: Sakatra, Port Halluci, Pua Kalurna, Biotopia, Libertopia,

Local Leadership Title: Baron Andreas the Wise, or merely His Omniscience
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Andreas the Wise

Local language: English
Local Religion: Cedrism, Christian minorities

Geography and Beginnings

Atterock was a barony located along the four eastern coastal regions of Kildare, all split from any Shirithian mainland, and the county of Old Hallucination, as one of the oldest magic regions of the duchy. It was founded 3030 ASC, after much negotiation between it's Baron, Andreas the Wise, other Kildarian Baroness, Hypatias Mom, and the Yardistani's, who mainted for a long time that the island of Melangia was theirs. There was also much debate about it's name, as the barony was an entirely new one. The final name was settled on as a combination of Attera and Blackrock, two other Kildarian counties, both not within the Barony, and seized on as "rather cool" by it's Baron, and as a finally non-disputed name by it's Duke.


After its founding, a history was rapidly evolved to fit the somewhat older counties into the new barony in the way the baron desired. The easiest solution to this was declaring that a great plague engulfed it, and plunged it into a Dark Age for the next thousand years until the new Baron arrived, allowing deviations from previous meagre establishments of the baronies. The only exception was the already well developed Old Hallucination, which merely became largely overgrown.


The leaders of the counties are most vividly invoked when they were summoned to a meeting by Baron Andreas the Wise, in regards to the Gong Li Rebellion.


The capital of the Barony and an island with a long and varied history, Melangia was taken over by Andreas and redesigned into a county to suit his interests, which included magic, history, and his own race with a ' in the name. Current Count: Andreas the Wie


An older county with ties to old Antica, Norfolk was established by the baron as a county taken over by pirates during the Dark Ages. It was soon taken over by Nick Foghorn Leghorn, whose county it had once been, on his return to Shireroth.

Raynor Isles

Appearing to be an undeveloped county, Raynor Isles was taken on by the Baron as an honourary second county, and the two cities, Biotopia and Libertopia, evolved into an ongoing feud between the county's residents between the supporters of magic and the supporters of technology.

Gong Li

Originally a polynesian themed county, Gong Li was developed to maintain this island theme while adding the magic elements of a more persian area, including a Sultan, genies and magic carpets. Sinbad the Sailor is the closest real world allusion.

Old Hallucination

A county with a long history of development, Old Hallucination was left intact when it joined the Barony, but with a lot more trees ...