King's Table Audience

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The Monarchy of Elwynn
A Lady Servant preparing the dinner table in the Lady Esther Dining Room of the Palace of Krull.

King's Table Audience is the cultural term for the custom of an Elwynnese individual being invited to have lunch or dinner at the table of the King of Elwynn.


The custom of the King's Table Audience was instituted during the tenure of His Imperial and Royal Highness the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja as Ruling Steward of Elwynn (1623-1632).

Prior to the year 1629, when the Elwynnese Union was elevated from a principality to a kingdom, the aforesaid court custom was known as Prince's Table Audience.


"A ruler needs to eat with his people, if he hopes to keep their hearts and minds", the father counsels His son in Elwynns Konungurs Skuggsjá. "Know the people you rule and let them know you, for a ruler should not ever expect his people to go out on a limb for a stranger."

In Elwynns Konungurs Hirð, the Royal Retinue and Household, the aforesaid age-old adagium is known as the King's Table Audience and is strictly adhered to at the Court of the Womb of the Lady Esther at the Palace of Krull or wherever else His Riverine Majesty King Noah of Elwynn is in residence.

Quotidianly at lunch and supper, when His Riverine Majesty the King of Elwynn is not hosting inlandish or outlandish dignitaries, extra seats are placed at His common table every time a different individual would be asked to join him. Aforesaid invitations lend tremendous honour and are therefore highly sought after.

At lunch time Elwynnese subjects from the Twelve Peoples of Elwynn, hailing from all over the Flower of the North will be invited to share this afternoon meal with King Noah to talk about their daily lives. In the evening when dinner time has come, the King of Elwynn will sup with one of two staff members of the Royal Household to converse with them about all aspects of their duties, tasks and functions in Elwynns Konungurs Hirð.