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The Monarchy of Elwynn

The legal and cultural term Ducalia denotes the ancient Regalia of the Ruler of Elwynn. The Ducalia were created during the Ducal Reign of Harald of Froyalan (1533-1542). The regalia subsequently was placed into storage by Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani, who preferred a ceremonial mace with which to cowl the native population. During the chaos of the Kai Aphmyarkaiph, the Ducalia were overlooked by the early modern rulers of Elwynn who were more bureaucratic in their outlook and less fond of pomp.

The Ducalia were rediscovered in 1552 when the vaults beneath the Eliria Castle were hurriedly evacuated. Attempts to dispose of incriminating evidence left at one of Duke Andrew Allot's interminable late-night orgies had backed up the drains and resulted in the flooding of the subterranean portion of the castle. The crown and other items of jewellery were brought to light when the storage chests were opened for an inventory audit. Inspected by the Duke, who declared them to be "not to his taste", the Ducalia were given a clean and polish before being dispatched discretely to the Froyalanish city of Avaldsnes and placed into the Shrine of the Sea.


The Ducalia consist of the:

  • White Orchid Crown;
  • Antler Sceptre;
  • Orb of the Two Sacred Rivers;
  • White Mare Spurs;
  • Flutes of Tranquillity;
  • Lily Lyre;
  • Riverine Ring; and
  • Volcano Ampulla with spoon.

Royal Regalia of the Goddess Elwynn

The Lady Divine Elwynn possesses an ancient traditional set of Royal Regalia, which are known as the Elwynnalia. The aforesaid set of Royal Regalia was also created during the Ducal Reign of Harald of Froyalan. They were the gift She required from him, the new Duke of Elwynn, for the bestowal upon him of the Sword of Goodness.

The White Orchid Lady's Royal Regalia consist of the same items as the Ducalia, but are made of platinum in stead of silver. They are kept in the Tower of Araxion.