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A County is a subdivision of Goldshire and Lichbrook. The ruler of a County is a Count or Countess.

List of Current Counties

Imperial Counties

County of Shirekeep

County of the Skyla islands


County of Ynnraile

County of Elsyran

County of Suthergold

County of Lunaris

County of Wintergleam


County of Woodshire

County of Monty Crisco

County of Caverden

County of Alexandretta

County of Shimmerspring

County of Crestfall Downs

County of Lywind

County of Modan-Lach

County of Z

County of Benacia

County of Amarr

County of Thanatos

County of Highpass

County of Florencia

County of Musica


In history, Counties usually consisted of one to two people seeking Baronial status, who had not yet gained the permission needed to form a Barony, but may also be created for purposes of cultural development. Counties were not considered official subdivisions from the perspective of the Imperial Government. Permission was needed from a Duke or Baron to form a County.

Currently, Baronies have become all but obsolete in Shireroth.