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A Catologian wedding is seen as an important symbolic ceremony. Connecting two beloved to each other has been seen by Church officials as a re-enactment of the union that the Tetrarch Gods formed to restore balance in the universe, during the Chaos War. Just like the Tetrarchy allowed the Gods to work together and bind themselves to each other, people do the same on a much lower level.


This is an example of a wedding ceremony, as been done during the marriage of Flavius Myksos and Arohi Mahesh [1].

“Friends,” he [the Archon of the Shiro-Catologian Church] said with a clear voice, “We have come here to see two people joining each other in holy matrimony. We speak here about a sacred bound between two persons who swear that they will tie their fate to that of the other.

As most of you know, but often forget, this is not a simple thing to do. With a marriage we look at the example of none less than the Tetrarchy themselves!

In the beginning, the Source of Life brought life in the universe. With the eruption of the Chaos War, the quibbling Gods threatened to destroy that life that was given to them and others, simply for a grasp of power.

It were Cato, Lumina, Germania and Sakat who in the end joined forces and created a bound that was so strong that it since then has never been broken. Their union – which we still refer to as the Tetrarchy – allowed Them to connect each other’s streams. They tied not only their powers, but their fate. What once were four different streams, coming from the Source of Life, became a grand River which became unstoppable.

Today, with this marriage, we seek the same blessing: let those two persons unite their streams of the Source!

Let them join their strengths and weaknesses!

Let them join their nightmares and dreams!

Let them join their forces, for now and ever!”

Then follows the 'union of the streams': both bride and groom receive a bowl with wine or water and pour it into a large bowl which is brought before them. The two streams join at the bottom of the bowl and become One, as should the two betrothed become One.

“If you both are prepared to walk the road of matrimony, the union between two human beings, and connect each other till eternity, then pour the wine in the bowl. Let the two streams you make, unite on the bottom and become One!”

The ceremony ends with the prayer for blessing to the Tetrarchy.

“Let us pray that they receive the blessing of Lumina: that light will shine upon them and guide them through darkness.

Let us pray that they receive the blessing of Germania: that their marriage will even overcome death.

Let us pray that they receive the blessing of Sakat: that their marriage is blessed with the time to enjoy it.

Let us pray that they receive the blessing of Cato, the Almighty: that He will guide their streams and connect them, so they will become One!”