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The Catologian Faith
Sun Symbol of the Catalogian Faith.

Three Pillars
Council of Gods - Heavenly Mandate -

Wheel of Life

Tetrarch Gods
Cato - Germania -

Lumina - Sakat

Lesser Gods
Baishens - Hieronymus - Sisera

Minor Elevated Creatures
Malarbor - Demons - Ghosts -

Mikrons - Saints

Miracle of Life - Chaos War -

Mikron War

Catologian Church - Temples -

Sisters of Ryvenna - Disciples of Sakat -

Sun Children of Lumina

The Goddess of light and mother of Malarbor. Commonly depicted in Kildare as a woman with angel wings, holding the sun in her hands:


Less commonly depicted as... something different:


In (Antyan) propaganda often depicted as a lady who's protecting the Kildarian lands with the Soloralist sun symbol and Shirerithian shield:

Lumina 2.png