Flavius Myksos

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Line of Myksos
Ruling Dutch of Kildare

Taodosius - Sophia - Flavius

Ruling Dutch of Kildare & Prince of Aryasht


Progenitor: Severus

Flavius after His wedding with Arohi in 5455 ASC, in the throne room of Marmore Palace, Apollo City.

Flavius Myksos (5311 - 5501 ASC) is the son of Dutchess Sophia Myksos and Prince Chogal Kamala. He's a descendant of the House of Myksos. Since the death of his mother in 5435 ASC, he became Dutch of Kildare. He took up the title Ruler of the Eastern Empire but referred to himself as the Dominator of the Eastern Empire. He's known for his intensive government reforms in which he tried to give the Seanad more responsibilities, mainly on religious level.


In 5455 ASC he married with princess Arohi Mahesh from Aryasht, strengthening the ties between both eastern States of Shireroth.

The marriage was blessed by the gods, as three years in a row children were born to the couple: Titus Myksos (5455 ASC), Ariadne Myksos (5456 ASC) and Marcus Myksos (5457 ASC). At the moment of the birth of Titus, Arohi still was the crown princess of Aryasht, making Titus the possible heir of two eastern Thrones.

Flavius in his young years.

Preceded by:
Sophia I
Succession of the Dutchal Thrown

Succeeded by:
Titus I