Titus Myksos

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Line of Myksos
Ruling Dutch of Kildare

Taodosius - Sophia - Flavius

Ruling Dutch of Kildare & Prince of Aryasht


Progenitor: Severus

Titus Myksos (5456 - ... ASC) is the oldest son of Dutch Flavius Myksos and Arohi Mahesh, daughter of the last non-Kildarian prince, Aryanath Mahesh. He's a descendant of the House of Myksos. In 5497 ASC he ascended the Throne of Aryasht after the abdication of his grandfather, Aryanath Mahesh. Thanks to the refusal of his mother (some say under pression of Flavius), Titus received the Throne and became the new Prince.

In 5501 ASC, after failing to be elected as Kaiser, his father committed suicide by falling in his sword. Some sources, however, mention the possibility of murder, as several Senators who were present in the throne room at that moment were killed by the Myxosean Guard. The death of his father, made him Dutch of Kildare and with that the first person to rule over both eastern states, effectually being the first real Ruler of the Eastern Empire.

Preceded by:
Flavius I
Succession of the Dutchal Thrown

Succeeded by: