House of Myksos

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Line of Myksos
Ruling Dutch of Kildare

Taodosius - Sophia - Flavius

Ruling Dutch of Kildare & Prince of Aryasht


Progenitor: Severus

Line: Myksos
Progenitor: Severus
Established: 4902 ASC

The House of Myksos was a powerful Kildarian Dynasty, which ruled the Eastern Empire non-stop since Taodosius' ascension to the Apollonian Throne in 5141 ASC. The progenitor of the Myksos Dynasty is Severus Myksos who married Semisa Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler.


The Myksos Dynasty has a mixture of both Myxosean as Shirerithian blood. It was Semisa Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler, a far descendant of the legendary Kaiser Gaelen I, who married with Severus Myksos in 4902 ASC. Taodosius himself started travelling and soon became leader of an expedition of Myxoseans to find a new planet to live on. Later they returned to Micras and decided to live in Shireroth. It were his family ties with Shireroth, and Kildare (as many nobles descended from the bastard childs of Gaelen I), that led to the decision of Taodosius, to stage a coup d'état against Dutchess Ignatia I.

The coup was a success and resulted in Taodosius' coronation in 5141 ASC as new Dutch of Kildare. Influenced by the ancient Audente institutions and his own religious heritage, as catologian, he changed the face of the Dutchy, even naming himself Ruler of the Eastern Empire.

The birth of Sophia was an important moment in Kildare's history, as it was announced that she would succeed her father as next Dutchess, making the title formally hereditary. This was something that was never been done in the East's long history, but the nobility missed the strength and interest to object to the idea.

Sophia Myksos would, to strengthen the ties with the new State of Aryasht, eventually marry with its Prince, Chogal Kamala. Nonetheless, she convinced her husband to grant their children the name of her own House (leading to inside jokes that it was the woman who wore the pants in their household).

Jingdao takeover

Shit happens

Voltrue exile

An unlikely Kaisership

The improbable rise of Marcus Myksos.


  • Severus Myksos (4882 - 4998 ASC) x Semisa Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler (4881 - 4999 ASC)
    • Taodosius Myksos (4989 - 5230 ASC) x Matilda Nerva (5050 - 5210 ASC)
      • Sophia Myksos (5198 - 5435 ASC) x Choygal Kamala (unknown - ... ASC)
        • Flavius Myksos (5311 - ... ASC) x Arohi Mahesh (5436 - ... ASC)
          • Titus Myksos (5455 - ... ASC)
          • Ariadne Myksos (5456 - ... ASC)
          • Marcus Myksos (5457 - ... ASC)
        • Flavia Myksos (5313 - 5402 ASC)
        • Titus Myksos (5318 - 5370 ASC)
      • Trajanus Myksos (5199 - 5287 ASC) x Marcia Antonias (5187 - 5243 ASC)
        • Hadrian Myksos (5252 - 5418 ASC) x Silesia Verus (5258 - 5333 ASC)
          • Domitian Myksos (5314 - 5316 ASC), died of illness.
        • Vespasian Myksos (5319 - 5581 ASC)