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The personification of the Seanad. From the diptych made by order of Flavius I to commemorate the revival of prestige of the institute.

The Seanad is the most important political institution of the Eastern Empire. It acts as both a legislative and advisory council in the day-to-day affairs of Kildare. It's comprised of Senators, which act as representatives of their Counties. The institution has it roots in Blackrock, of which it was original an advisory council of the Count. It inspired the Dutch - who at that moment resided in Blackrock Nua - in increasing the power of the Seanad in 3260 ASC by establishing it as the Ducal legislative and advisory council, consisting of Barons.


Through time the power and duties of the Seanad were slightly altered. It saw its power peak with the death of Dutch Jonas I, with the proclamation of Andreas as the new Dutch. From that moment it kept its prominent position in society and succeeded in acting independently from the Dutch, who still resided in Blackrock Nua while the Seanad had long been moved to Apollo City. That moment it also saw increasing influence on the financial affairs of the Dutchy, contributing to the further decentralisation of the state.

In 5149, with the coup d'état by Taodosius I, the Seanad was temporarily disbanded [1]. The inefficiency and failures - mostly their inability to keep the armed forces effective against invading barbarians - made this a relative popular move among the population of Apollo City.

The dissolution of the institution, heavily advocated by Orare (title granted to the representative of the City) Basil of Apollo City, put Taodosius in a position that he could effectively rule unchallenged by anyone.

While there were promises made to restore the disbanded Seanad, this was not done till 5267 ASC. It's, however, known that the Senators still met each other to debate about political situations and even had the silent support of Dutchess Sophia Myksos to do so. The exact moment the Seanad was restored is not known, but the grand reopening of the Seanad building in 5267 ASC by Sophia has been marked as its revival. Since then it's often viewed as a rubber stamp institution, but the reign of Flavius Myksos marked a new beginning and small restoration of prestige.

Powers and functions


Since the Flavian Reforms the Seanad is comprised of five representatives, appointed by the Count of each County. As the Count can be appointed by the Seanad or Dutch (but with the Dutch having the last say), the Ducal Household could manipulate the composition of membership.

In total there are 95 seats in the Seanad. The Dutch holds - as president - a separated seat and presides the meetings.