Jonas I

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Jonas I, known as just Jonas or Jonas Windsor, is a former Dutch of Kildare. His reign is marked by (friendly) civil wars, a growing power of the Barons official power (but ironical when it comes to it, the Dutch can ignore them even more than in the past) and periods of high activity. He reformed the Kildarian army and brought institutions like the Bureau of Intermicronation Expositions to Blackrock Nua.

He is known as protector of the Soloralist fate and Apolist traditions in Kildare.

Next to Dutch (or Duke) he is Baron of Antya and Count of Blackrock.

The Gong Li Rebellion

He started a great civil war between himself and his Baron Andreas the Wise of Atterock.

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Preceded by:
Hypatia Agnesi
Succession of the Dutchal Thrown

Succeeded by:
Andreas I