1615 Kaiser election

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The 1615 Kaiser election was held according to the instructions in the decree of abdication of Kaiser Mors IV (his second reign). Luix Rakira was elected and ascended the throne as Kaiser Sehml.

Kaiser Mors IV's steward, now ruling Steward, Stellus Yastreb symbolically placed the Sabre of Unity in the Landsraad chamber for the duration of the election. After the Praetor, Aasmund Vigeland, had opened up the electoral session, Stellus Yastreb nominated Malliki Nur Pinito, Flavius Myksos (Dutch of Kildare), and Barend Barentsz. Seoni Miłarna nominated Luix Rakira. In the end, although all candidates were confirmed, only Rakira and Myksos received votes. Both received 7 votes, and in the end, the Praetor had to cast a tie-breaking vote, causing Luix Rakira to be elected.

Hours after the vote, Flavius Myksos was found dead. He was succeeded to his position as Dutch of Kildare by his son Titus.

Elector Candidate
Aeneas Malak Flavius Myksos
Barend Barentsz Flavius Myksos
Choygal Kamala Luix Rakira
Flavius Myksos Flavius Myksos
Janus Eadric Luix Rakira
Luix Rakira Luix Rakira
Malliki Nur Pinito Luix Rakira
Marcus Myksos Flavius Myksos
Mira Raynora the Elder Luix Rakira
Ryker Everstone Luix Rakira
Seoni Miłarna Luix Rakira
Shyriath Bukolos Flavius Myksos
Stellus Yastreb Flavius Myksos
Thadeus Laing Flavius Myksos