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Malliki Nur Pinito (born in Sanilla, in 1573, died in Talenore, 1644) is a Sanillan-born legal scholar, linguist, football manager, politician, and former Arbiter of the Imperial Judex (1615–1624, 1627–1644). Previously, he has been President of the State of Talenore and Supreme Political Commissar of Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn. In Elwynn, he is politically aligned with the Elwynnese Workers' Party, and in Talenore, with the National Development Party. However, since King Noah's ascension to the Elwynnese throne in 1623, Nur Pinito has resided in Shirekeep due to personal differences between the two.

Nur Pinito is related to Malliki Tosha on the maternal side (and is named after him). Through his brother, he has a nephew, Alzair Nur Pinito, a politician in Talenore.

Nur Pinito used to be an amateur football player in his youth, and during his adult career, he had managed several teams in Talenore.

Nur Pinito has been married to his wife Leli Nur Pinito (née Nakita) since 1595. They have two sons, Malliki Nakita Nur Pinito and Tanilo Nur Pinito, and three daughters, Lamao Nur Pinito, Leli Nur Pinito and Semisa Nur Pinito.

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