Elwynnese Workers' Party

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The Elwynnese Workers' Party (EWP) is a communist party in Elwynn. It led a one-party government in Elwynn for five years before its collapse initiated Kalirion restoration. Since then, it has moderated its policies. It remains nevertheless a republican and a socialist party.

A long established communist party, the EWP reacted to its failure to win power through the ballot box in 1603 by implementing an entryist policy which saw its cadres attempt to infiltrate rival parties and the organs of state in order to expand their influence and introduce their ideas and programmes into the enemy camp. Gaining a foothold in the rank and file of the then anti-capitalist Nationalist and Humanist Party, it gradually managed to take over the security apparatus of the Coordinated State, focusing specifically on the Panopticon. This strategy culminated in the moment when Aasmund Vigeland, whose public persona had been assiduously built up by the unwitting Coordinated State's propaganda machine, was made Steward in 1613. Along with the eminent legal scholar and fellow communist, Malliki Nur Pinito, he announced the completion of the workers' revolution, and the coordinated state's guild structure was transformed, with a certain amount of aggravation and bloodshed, into that of a communist organisation of workers' councils.

During the communist era in Elwynn, the EWP, faced with stagnating productivity, a balance of trade crisis, and an increasingly apathetic and resentful Elw proletariat, slowly opened up for democratic reforms. The popular response, however, was one that the EWP had not considered, and the party was overwhelmed with popular demands, not for mere reform but for revolution. In the end, the EWP attempted to head off popular anger by setting up a constituting assembly for a new constitution. The party had ensured that it would receive most seats in the election – but a small and very diverse majority of anti-communist parties allied themselves and "hijacked" the constitutional debate.

Following this, a group of hardliners split from the EWP and founded the Communist Party of Elwynn. This party, however, quickly faltered when a reform group broke away to form the Communist Party of Elwynn (Reformists).

In the Folksraad, it allies itself with other socialist parties.