History of Shireroth

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See also: Timeline of Shirerithian History


Following discussions in the IAC:

  1. Prehistory to the Death of Raynor (as per SSHIT with dates corrected for AN plus some scepticism).
  2. 1st Era Overview
    1. Raynor I unifies the core territories, assumes the title Kaiser.
    2. Kaiser's authority spreads outward, cadet branches of the family appointed to rule outer areas.
    3. Central authority fails to maintain central power, regional rulers assert increasingly independent authority and fight one another for territory and power.
  3. First Intermediate Period
  4. 2nd Era Overview
    1. Descent from Raynor now tenuous, at best, spurious bloodlines are fought. Scribes compiling and refuting competing genealogies are figures in high demand amongst the barons who aspire to dominion over Brookshire
    2. One of these rulers conquers the Shirekeep area (whoever it is that is ruling Monty Crisco), summons demons, and successfully asserts power over them. Daemonic power allows this line to conquer the other states.
    3. The demon-powered line of kaisers is overthrown and the demons are sealed away.
    4. Failure to maintain central control, the various states split apart again. Leading to:
  5. Second Intermediate Period
  6. Third Era
    1. They are forced to become vassals of various foreign empires (Audentior, Jasonia, Benacia, Alexandros, Tymaria) in turn.
    2. Conquest of Elwynn
    3. From the wreckage of Tymaria emerges an unexpected great power.
    4. Madness ensues.

Periods of the Third Era:

  • Colonial
  • World-Realm
  • High Feudal
  • Schismatic
  • Federal
  • Dynastic